Moon and Saturn aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you deal with maturity and responsibilities?

Moon-Saturn.jpg How do you deal with maturity and responsibilities?

Moon and Saturn conjunct in the synastry chart

Saturn is seen as a serious, mature person and the Moon as the inner child.

Yours is not a superficial connection. There's a solid base of mutual respect and commitment between you.

Saturn person is responsible toward Moon person, who appreciates commitments and safety. Moon person is delicate and tender.

Saturn person's orientation toward a long term commitment attracts Moon person's need for security and support.

Saturn person is willing to give practical support, but isn't very skilled in giving emotional support.

While Moon person seeks emotional security first, Saturn person values material security as a precondition for emotional security.

Saturn person regards emotions as something irrational and a threat to its controlling and planning attitude.

Moon person needs to find its support inside, a source of support which doesn't depend on Saturn person's actions.

Moon trine, sextile or semi-sextile Saturn in the synastry chart

Saturn is viewed as a stern, matured individual and the Moon as the internal youngster.

Yours is not a shallow relationship. Your relationship has a firm basis of joint esteem and dedication.

Saturn person is accountable to Moon person, who values devotion and security. Moon person is sentitive and warm.

Saturn person's tendency to provide a lasting commitment appeals to Moon person's requirement for safety and dedication.

Saturn person is determined to provide everyday help, but isn't an expert in providing emotional care.

While Moon person looks for an emotional haven first, Saturn person values economic and professional security first in order to achieve emotional safety.

Long term goals and common projects can be fulfilled by combining tenderness and reliability.

You can reach common goals both in a romantic and in a business setting, in a gradual way but with continuous progress.

Moon opposite, square or semi-square Saturn in the synastry chart

You have a good potential to join delicate feelings and seriousness in your meeting. However some of your traits make this connection difficult.

Moon person feels limited and judged by Saturn person in its emotional expression.

Saturn person considers Moon person as needy and at times immature, and thinks that being emotional is not appropriate.

Moon person complains that Saturn person is emotionally detached while Saturn person sees Moon person as oversensitive and needy.

Saturn person needs to accept Moon person's wish for intimacy. On the other side, Moon person needs to be more independent and less needy.

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