Moon and Neptune aspects in the Synastry Chart: Is empathy and spirituality part of you?

Moon-Neptune.jpg Is empathy and spirituality part of you?

Moon and Neptune conjunct in the synastry chart

Tenderness, caring and gentleness are essential qualities of your meeting.

Art might have an important role in your common interests.

You can easily sense and feel each other. Empathy is well developed and sometimes a source of concern because you also feel each other's pain and problematic inner states.

You understand each other much better through intuition and sensitivity than through intellectual analysis.

You share a sensitive and spiritual view of the world. This applies also for the meeting, where the spiritual element becomes a driving force in keeping your bond.

At times you can delude yourself in considering every perception as real, even when they are inner projections.

Moon person feels that Neptune person can't fulfill their needs for stability and accountability. Both tend to withdraw into a silent space when emotional troubles arise.

Moon trine, sextile or semi-sextile Neptune in the synastry chart

Gentleness, consideration and kindness are crucial merits of your bonding.

Art might be a vital part of your mutual interests.

It's easy for you to detect and sense one another's feelings. You are very understanding of each other and this is at times concerning as you also sense one another's discomfort and challenging inner conditions.

You comprehend one another's ways via instinct and kindliness more than via rational scrutiny.

You both have a delicate and mystical worldview. This goes for your introduction, when the mystical element of your connection became a powerful force in maintaining your bond.

You deny challenging issues by staying in a safe “non-ordinary consciousness” place where you don't need to face the harsh reality.

Avoid abusing substances in the quest for harmony and inner peace. Meditation and honest inner inquiry are much better choices.

Moon opposite, square or semi-square Neptune in the synastry chart

You share a common tender and romantic view of the world, with a common interest in spiritual matters and explorations.

Your potentially evolutive affinity, however, often expresses in cloudy ways.

Neptune person tends to be ambiguous and even deceiving to avoid challenges and to keep a fantastic and illusory world alive. Both tend to become passive and to be hypersensitive.

You need to distinguish between your psychological projections and your genuine intuitions for not deluding yourself and the other.

Avoid drugs and alcohol as a way to keep a “safe” dreamy condition.

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