Moon and Ascendant aspects in the Synastry Chart:

Moon-Ascendant.jpgHow do emotions blend with your personalities?

Moon and Ascendant conjunct in the synastry chart

There's immediacy in understanding each other's feelings and personalities.

You feel at ease, at home and emotions flow effortlessly.

You can accept the emotional expressions because you understand what's behind them.

There's a physical warmth and care between you. Hugs are always welcome!

You love to support and nurture each other, especially in your emotional issues.

A shared compassionate attitude extends to the environment close to you and to your families.

Sometimes you are too sensitive to each other's moods and you overwhelm the other emotionally.

Moon trine, sextile or semi-sextile Ascendant in the synastry chart

You immediately perceive one another's emotions and characters.

You sense each other easily, and your feelings are worn on your sleeve.

You can understand emotional demonstrations as you know why they happen.

You both share a warm bonding and love each other. You both enjoy hugs at any time.

You adore supporting and nurturing one another, particularly when it comes to emotions and feelings.

A communal sympathetic attitude spreads to the locations closest to you and your loved ones.

Moon opposite, square or semi-square Ascendant in the synastry chart

There's a mutual attraction between your personalities, but you are very sensitive to each other's feelings and this can affect your moods.

You tend to pour into the other both positive and negative feelings.

Sometimes you are overwhelmed by feelings and you might consider to follow meditation techniques for emotional management.

You enjoy the tie with the original families, but also you might feel limited in your expression by such a connection.

You might both somatize common emotional issues.

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