Mercury and Venus aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do your intellects and affection work together?

Mercury-Venus.jpg How do your intellects and affection work together?

Mercury and Venus conjunct in the synastry chart

Talking, chatting and in general sharing ideas arouse your feelings and the mutual attraction.

There's a fresh, playful, witty and flirting attitude between you.

Intellectual stimulation is an important component of what keeps you close to each other.

You both enjoy small talk and even gossip.

Mercury trine, sextile or semi-sextile Venus in the synastry chart

Conversation, chitchat and overall idea sharing stimulates your emotions and your shared attraction.

Your relationship has a brand-new, frisky, funny and playful attitude.

Intelligent inspiration is a vital part of what maintains your closeness.

Venus person, in Mercury person's presence, can easily open verbally and share at many intimate levels. Mercury person is attracted by Venus person's attitude toward art, harmony and beauty.

Together you enjoy a varied social life. You love to have common friends, interesting conversations and hang out for artistic events.

Mercury opposite, square or semi-square Venus in the synastry chart

There's a sort of rivalry regarding ideas, especially on the theoretically side.

Sharing through verbal communication brings disagreements, but usually doesn't turn into hard verbal aggression.

Mercury person at times considers Venus person as superficial, while Venus person sees Mercury person as too intellectual and less romantic.

Remember that you can resort to playfulness and irony, which are well developed in your connection.

Also, you need to be less self-absorbed and learn how to listen more to the other.

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