Mars and Jupiter aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do you expand your energies by being together?

Mars-Jupiter.jpg Do you expand your energies by being together?

Mars and Jupiter conjunct in the synastry chart

Energy expansion is the keyword of this aspect between you.

Jupiter person supports Mars person's self-assertion, and Mars person channels passionate energy to Jupiter person.

If you are a couple, the sexual connection is strong and passionate. Also, activities suited for non-couples as traveling, sport, adventures, are done with enthusiasm and energy.

There's a healthy competition between you which acts as a stimulus to improve your skills.

You can have lot of fun together. Through Jupiter person's optimism and Mars person's direction and energy, you can create an amusing life.

Be careful not to exaggerate in your quest of fun. You tend to overstimulate your life, leaving you drained in the long term.

Mars trine, sextile or semi-sextile Jupiter in the synastry chart

Vigor growth is the key to this feature you share.

Jupiter person cares about Mars person asserting themselves, and Mars person gives ardent get-up-and-go to Jupiter person.

If in a relationship, your love making is robust and ardent. Also, actions suitable for those not in a relationship such as journeying, sports, and ventures, are completed energetically and happily.

There's a vigorous competition between you and it stimulates your abilities.

You are able to have fun times with each other. Via Jupiter person's cheerfulness and Mars person's sense of direction and vigor, you two are able to run an amusing life.

You are open to try new things together.

Mars person's passionate energy combined with Jupiter person's intellectual and optimistic view of life can bring you to interesting explorations, both geographically and intellectually.

Mars opposite, square or semi-square Jupiter in the synastry chart

Passion, optimism and fun are pillars of your meeting, but often this takes an extreme view which overturns the positive qualities.

Jupiter person sees Mars person as selfish and domineering, while Mars person considers Jupiter person's intellectual approach as an impediment to immediate action.

Mars person is too abrupt in the decisional process, while Jupiter person needs a broader view in understanding the world.

Jupiter person tends toward overindulgence and this irritates Mars person which considers it decadent.

Mars person needs to slow down and accept that a philosophical view of life is not a waste of time, but a precondition for acting with awareness. Jupiter person needs to accept Mars person's ardor.

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