Jupiter and Jupiter aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do you expand your worldview?


    Jupiter-Jupiter.jpg Do you expand your worldview?

    Jupiter and Jupiter conjunct in the synastry chart

    You bring expansion to any common project.

    Optimism, good luck, a taste for adventure and world's exploration is part of your meeting.

    Many opportunities can take form together, as career advancements, higher studies, or the opening of new cultural interest and travel.

    Philosophy and interests in spirituality might represent a common intellectual base.

    You enrich both intellectual scopes by learning from the other.

    Jupiter trine, sextile or semi-sextile Jupiter in the synastry chart

    You convey growth to any shared goal.

    Hopefulness, good fortune, a love of adventure and the desire to see the world are fundamental for your meeting.

    Many new things may occur in your relationship like getting ahead in your jobs, more education, or the beginning of new interests in culture or travelling.

    You may share your intellectual and spiritual musings and think alike in these areas.

    You enhance both mental possibilities by the things you learn from one another.

    Luck and abundance can flow through your meeting.

    Even if you are a couple, you respect each other's freedom, and your individual needs for world exploration.

    Jupiter opposite, square or semi-square Jupiter in the synastry chart

    Even though your life philosophy might differ, you value the differences as a way to expand each other's views.

    However, if you become attached to your point of views in a fanatic way, instead of enriching both intellectual scopes, you'll limit even your own individual view.

    You have the potentiality to create expansive opportunities by joining your forces, but you tend to be unrealistically optimist and exaggerate in the path toward growth.

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