Jupiter and Uranus aspects in the Synastry Chart: Are you creative and original in your explorations?

Jupiter-Uranus.jpg Are you creative and original in your explorations?

Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in the synastry chart

Jupiter person's optimistic and expansive stance blend with Uranus person's original and unconventional attitude.

Whether is a romantic or business meeting, your connection creates innovative ideas and projects.

There's a big amount of excitement between you.

Friendship feelings are strong and you enjoy having fun together and exploring the world, with a taste for unusual people and situations.

If yours is a romantic relationship, you might choose a non-conventional tie like an open relationship, or anyway a bond where social life and common friends represent a big role in your common life.

You need to accept each other's freedom and independence and be flexible about redefining your view of a relationship.

Jupiter trine, sextile or semi-sextile Uranus in the synastry chart

Jupiter person's positive and all-embracing expansion mix with Uranus person's innovative and unusual character.

No matter if you met as a couple or as business partners you have a great connection that is new and fresh and it brings lots of new ideas.

You both have lots of frenzy and energy together.

Friendly emotions are solid and you like going places and have fun when together, and like meeting unique people and being in odd situations.

If a couple, you may pick a relationship that is open or a joining where you have the same friends and the same social lifestyle and these are big things in your shared relationship.

Jupiter person has a wide intellectual knowledge while Uranus person has intuitive traits. Together you can sort out unique issues.

You welcome changes in your life as well as openness for innovative lifestyles.

You share an humanitarian and an idealistic view of society and humanity and you are willing to put your energies into bringing justice and equality to the world.

Jupiter opposite, square or semi-square Uranus in the synastry chart

There's much excitement between you, which sometimes becomes frenzy and goes into overdrive.

You seek excitement for its own sake and you don't mind the consequences.

Jupiter person's unrealistic optimism joins Uranus person's craving for excitement. The outcome is a short-lived activity that ends as soon as the amazement fades away.

You need to be aware of irresponsible acts through impractical and improbable projects which seem theoretically possible, but prove to be unworkable.

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