What makes you commit to a long term relationship, according to your Venus sign?

venus-commit-long-term.jpg What Venus in the signs can show you about what makes you commit to a long term relationship?

Venus in Aries

You are a paradox when it comes to relationships. Your fiery temperament in love makes you quick to make the first moves and want to advance the relationship at a fast pace.

You become focused pretty early on, feeling sure your partner is the one. Otherwise they wouldn’t consume so much of your energy and attention.

You have a one track mind and aren’t in the dating scene to play games. You want to find one person to connect with, yet when it comes to actually solidifying the relationship and making things official, you may get cold feet.

That is because you love your freedom and independence. If someone is serious about you, they would be wise to not push for a commitment at all. The more they seem like a challenge to conquer, the more you will take the relationship seriously.

You will also be more inclined to commit when your partner has demonstrated that they aren’t out to squash your independence or intrude on your space.

Venus in Taurus

You have a commitment in mind and are just waiting for your significant other to prove they are reliable. When your partner walks their talk and shows you through consistent actions that they value you, you will feel no qualms about commitment.

If there is any inconsistency however, you will hold back and wait. You can be patient and the waiting game can last a long time. You would rather prolong the process than jump to any hasty decision.

You will also want to see how your partner reacts during a challenge or crisis. This will tell you all you need to know about whether the relationship is secure and has potential for the long run.

Venus in Gemini

You don’t want to rush into settling down. You get bored easily and need constant mental stimulation and social connection. When you find someone who can keep up with your racing ideas and busy social calendar you may consider commitment.

More importantly, when your partner has demonstrated that they are exciting, intelligent and totally secure with your numerous connections to others and need to be a social butterfly, you will be ready to commit.

Venus in Cancer

You treat every first date like a job interview for marriage. There is nothing casual about your approach to relationships and you are always looking for commitment.

At the same time, you are highly sensitive and need reassurance that your partner can understand your moods. You also look for a partner who empathizes with you and encourages you with positive words when you are feeling down.

You want to know that your partner is potential family material as well. Both meaning that they would be a good parent to a child or caregiver to a dog or cat, but also that they would fit in well with your family.

Once your partner has shown that they are supportive, encouraging, receptive to your nurturing and reliable as a family member, you will want to become more serious.

Venus in Leo

You want to be sure your partner is an asset to you socially before making a commitment. As shallow as it may seem, you are image conscious and aware of gossip.

You won’t align yourself with anyone who could bring drama into your life and hurt your reputation.

If a partner is receptive to your generosity and appreciative of your many talents, that helps to solidify your commitment as well but you will also observe carefully to make sure your partner is diplomatic, charismatic and that they will not upstage or embarrass you.

Venus in Virgo

You take your time and cover details others wouldn’t think of. You probably have a checklist, excel spreadsheet or contract of some sort outlining all the criteria you need to settle down.

In fact you may have even devised a system of points, and spend each date scoring your potential partner.

You are meticulous about your values and lifestyle. As a perfectionist when it comes to relationships, you need to know your partner fits in. Both with you, your schedule, your family and friends and your plans for the future.

When your partner encourages your strengths of analysis and guidance, when they seek your advice and aid you in your mission, and when they show appreciation for your efforts, you will know you are on the right track.

Venus in Libra

You love to be in love, yet decisiveness is not your strong suit. You are inclined to go with the flow and let others take the lead when it comes to relationship milestones.

You may get carried away in your ideas of the ideal relationship and let your partner set the pace.

When they want to cohabitate, you will likely go along with the plan. When they propose or hint that it is time for you to propose, you will also likely feel inclined to follow through.

As long as you genuinely feel connected to your partner and uplifted by their love of art, culture and beauty, you won’t hold back when they initiate advancement of the relationship.

This is because you are peace loving and harmonious and you tend to trust the direction of others rather than having a clear sense of what you want for yourself.

You rely on your partner to be a sounding board. If you trust them and they deem it appropriate to commit, you have no reason to doubt their instincts.

Yet if you are enamored with a partner who is showing no signs of commitment, rather than initiating progress you are more likely to become frustrated and then withdrawn, expecting them to take the hint, or waiting for someone else to take their place.

Venus in Scorpio

You are intense when it comes to relationships. Whether you are fully ready for a commitment or not, you may insist on full commitment from your partner early on.

At the very least, this will reassure you that you are their only love interest while you wait and watch and decide if you even want to commit long term.

You prefer deep intimate relationships and when you meet someone who you feel magnetically attracted to, you become obsessively focused. You will want to commit to someone who is intelligent, mysterious and not afraid of your emotional and edgy side.

You will also reserve commitment for someone who demonstrates their complete loyalty. You will not tolerate any sign of infidelity or mind games.

Venus in Sagittarius

You want to commit, eventually. You have a serious fear of missing out. It would be best if your partner understood you need to finish your fourth Master’s degree and travel the world volunteering and working on your new start up businesses before things get really serious.

That is because you value your freedom and hate any form of limitation or confinement.

Then again, you are also an idealist and optimistic. Once you know you have found the perfect match you may make some concessions, perhaps if they are willing to also be your travel partner.

Venus in Capricorn

You take commitment seriously. Actually, you take every aspect of love seriously. You are likely to take your time and slowly evaluate your partner.

You view relationships as if they were a business proposition and will consider whether your partner is not only supportive, fun and compatible but also if they share your values.

You will want to ensure that your future partner has the same ambition, career goals and work ethic that you have. At the very least you want to make sure they don’t slow you down or stand in the way of your plans.

You also want to make sure they are good with money and reasonably conservative in their views toward marriage and family.

Venus in Aquarius

You both want and fear commitment. On some level you feel like you are too much of an individualist to ever really find someone who will match your interests and views.

On the other hand, you want to have a relationship that is as unique as you are, feeling that love on a romantic level is one of the doorways to spiritual enlightenment.

When you find someone who respects your quirky nature, and can deal with your erratic moods and knack for shocking behavior, you may be approaching commitment time.

If that person is also as outgoing, exciting, daring and adventurous as you that is also a good sign. If they can meet you on the same intellectual level that helps as well.

Then again, commitment implies settling down and that is so 20th century. Instead you want a partner in crime who will support your eccentric ideas, go to protests with you and maybe even spend a year in a commune as your partner.

Then you will consider commitment, but there are no guarantees.

Venus in Pisces

You are sensitive, compassionate and deeply spiritual. You will feel ready to bond with the person who can share your deep levels of empathy.

Someone who appreciates the complexity of the universe and who enjoys pondering philosophical and metaphysical topics as much as you do.

The person who appreciates your musical or artistic talent and understands that money is not that important to you will also likely win your desire for commitment.

You will commit when you feel intuitively moved to do so, yet you may not insist on conventional signs of relationship status. This is because you would rather go with the flow than rock the boat.

If marriage works for your partner, you won’t hesitate, though you know the emotional bonds of love extend beyond conventional labels and marital status.

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