Transiting Sun on natal Venus: shining moments for your creativity and attraction power


transit-sun-venus.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Venus: shining moments for your creativity and attraction power

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Venus

This transit will produce shining moments for your creativity and attraction power.

You may meet someone new and pave the way for an easy flow of love and affection and a long term romance.

Existing relationships are given a boost of optimism and you are likely to easily attract others and charm crowds with your unique personality and positive energy.

You will likely have opportunities to enhance your leadership skills in group settings by naturally taking the reigns and uplifting those around you rather than acting in domineering ways.

Any creative talents that help you express your unique personality and individuality are enhanced at this time. Art, music, theatrical arts and performances of any kind, including professional presentations, are likely to be successful.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Venus

Your charisma and attraction power make you the life of the party.

You are likely to seek out social engagements and bring an air of romance and affection to all relationships at this time.

Your energy is enthusiastic and optimistic and others find you attractive, entertaining and gregarious.

Networking at this time can lead to favorable advancements in your career. You are also likely to have an easier time relating to others so any difficulties in relationships can be patched up easily at this time.

Transiting Sun square natal Venus

You want to channel your positive energy into your romantic and social relationships, however there comes a point of contention between your desire to pursue your own ambitions or take center stage and your need to be receptive and nurturing to others.

You may be tempted to use your charm and attraction power to promote your own personal agenda rather than fostering reciprocity in your relationships. You may not realize it but your need for attention and praise may cause conflicts with those close to you whose needs are being overlooked.

Be careful not to use relationships to validate your self worth or boost your ego at this time.

Transiting Sun trine natal Venus

Your creative energy is flowing in abundance.

Finances and relationships are likely to thrive at this time as well. You are generally more optimistic and have great faith in your abilities and talents as well as in the security of your relationships.

Others easily come to believe in your dreams and help you build a stable foundation for future successes in career.

You easily attract the attention of others and are confident enough in yourself to enjoy the admiration.

A new relationship could begin at this time as you exude positive energy and are showing the world the best of who you are as a creative, dynamic, compassionate individual.

Current relationships can be strengthened at this time because you easily convey your love and affection to those around you.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Venus

Your desire for attention and admiration can cause you to take a more superficial or even manipulative approach to relationships which is not in line with your true nature. Avoid this temptation to seek self worth through others.

Insecurities in relationships can crop up at this time and could take a toll on your confidence level.

You may experience creative blocks or struggle with group projects or some aspects of your social circle. It may feel like others around you are dragging you down or inhibiting your ability to express yourself as an individual. You will have to work out some challenges when it comes to relationships and group work. Keep your ego in check at this time.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Venus

Receiving praise from others or direct validation of your attractiveness, intelligence, or unique gifts may be nice, but it is not essential. You are reminded of this now.

Part of the lesson at this time is to learn to validate yourself without receiving the outward expressions of adoration and gratitude from others.

Resist the urge to use money or other valuable assets as a pawn in relationships. You may not be feeling confident right now, so a toned down approach to love and relationships would be better than overcompensating by exaggerating your achievements.

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