Transiting Sun on natal Neptune: creativity, compassion and intuition are heightened

transit-sun-neptune.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Neptune: creativity, compassion and intuition are heightened

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Neptune

Your optimism and cheerful attitude may be channeled in relationships or career. In particular, roles involving being of service, healing or spirituality are favored.

You are likely to be able to keep a positive attitude while managing heavy emotional baggage or helping to support others as they wade through their own emotional wounds and issues.

Your compassion extends to others easily at this time and you have the energy to be a support to those in need without becoming personally drained.

Creativity and intuition are also heightened. You may have opportunities to showcase your creative talents in work or in your personal life. You are also likely to have the confidence needed to trust your intuition, finding new opportunities as a result.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Neptune

You are deeply attuned with others’ feelings and bring healing energy to others, facilitating growth and transformation for yourself and your loved ones on an emotional and spiritual level.

You can ease up on your drive to achieve and self focus and instead become more ‘other conscious.’

Take opportunities to listen to others on a deeper level, make yourself available as a support and confidant.

Subtle cues prove powerful and you can conserve your energy because right now you don’t have to fight against the grain to get things accomplished. This is a perfect time for much needed break. Recharge your batteries and take time for reflection during this transit.

Transiting Sun square natal Neptune

Your sensitivity is heightened and stressful situations challenge you on both a personal (ego) and emotional level. You may become easily overwhelmed and confused.

You are likely to seek solace in fantasies or escapes including indulgence in mind altering substances, but this will not help you in the long run.

Your spiritual practices such as meditation or positive visualization could be helpful at this time, as long as you don’t confuse the boundaries between positive thinking and self-delusion.

Transiting Sun trine natal Neptune

This is a great time to invite romance into your life, or to accentuate a current relationship by taking time out of your busy routines to share affection and nurture each other’s emotions.

You are likely to have greater confidence in yourself and your intuition. Following your instincts will likely pay off in unexpected ways.

You are less likely to be demanding or head strong at this time and this allows you to be more perceptive to the subtle cues all around you.

Your attention may shift to spiritual aspects of your life. You may take the opportunity to find more fulfilling work or put your creative talents to work for the benefit of others.

You may also feel more inclined to share your blessings with others.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Neptune

You are more likely to confuse intuition with fantasy and may get lost in illusions.

In particular, these illusions will stem from some imbalance in your view of yourself and your capabilities. You are susceptible to over or underestimating yourself at this time.

You may also become confused about your boundaries in relationships or at work.

Where you are typically ambitious, independent, confident and focused, you may now feel uncertainty, self doubt and apathy.

It is best not to forge ahead with any plans requiring you to take the lead or come to decisive actions either for yourself or others. This transit is better spent in deeper reflection, working to harmonize your visions for your future with a realistic appraisal of where you are currently.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Neptune

You may be trying to assert yourself in work or relationships only to feel a vague sense that your path is changing.

You may feel restless and dissatisfied with aspects of your personal life or even your identity, yet not fully be able to pinpoint what feels off or what needs to change.

Your intuition is likely to be driven by ambition and ideas of grandeur and may not be entirely accurate at this time. You may have a sense of grand things yet to come, however your timing is likely to be off or you may overestimate yourself or your readiness to make changes at this time.

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