Transiting Sun on natal North Node: meeting people helping you to become more self aware

transit-sun-node.jpg Transiting Sun on natal North Node: meeting people helping you to become more self aware

Transiting Sun conjunct natal North Node

Your strengths as an individual are heightened at this time and you feel a surge of creative energy. You are aware of your unique talents and may begin to glimpse how your experiences and strengths will align to establish you on a future path toward fulfilling your mission.

Though you may not truly be ready to embrace the full scope of your identity, role and power, you will be able to make strides in the direction of your future self.

You will likely feel more confident than usual and opportunities that require some faith and risk, yet which will help propel you forward fall into place for you. You will feel compelled to follow your ambition now.

Challenges that arise at this time are likely to have some fortunate, soft aspects. Any fall is cushioned by a safety net that allows you to land on your feet.

Transiting Sun sextile natal North Node

You are uplifted and inspired by significant others and even strangers step forward to support you as you develop your ideal future path.

Your creative vision is supported by others even if it is up to you alone to do the footwork.

A change or crisis has a silver lining and you are able to come through the situation with a stronger sense of who you are and where you are headed. You are likely to meet people who are destined to help you by revealing your true power and helping you to become more self aware.

Transiting Sun square natal North Node

You are feeling confident and comfortable on your path for the most part, however thee is a feeling that wherever you derive comfort from in the present is not likely to be sustained forever.

You may become complacent in a career path, relationship or some aspect of your lifestyle. Yet in spite of this comfort you may also have the sense that time is running out and sooner or later you will have to give in and make some bigger changes.

You are evolving and developing toward your greater purpose but obstacles present on your path. Right now you may feel inclined to resist making changes and just try to make the best of the situation as it is. This will not be a sustainable compromise.

Transiting Sun trine natal North Node

You are surrounded by fortunate opportunities which help bring you into alignment with your purpose and mission.

You will have chance meetings with others who help to steer you in the right direction.

Physical healing is likely to be part of your journey at this time. You are also more confident and creative and as a result you can take steps to help shape your long term path.

Regardless of challenges or obstacles, you are able to find your way to the best possible outcome and may appear to be protected by a bubble of good fortune.

If you had resisted leadership or remained introverted in the past, you are now given a chance to shine and inspire optimism in others. Although it may be a new experience once you step into your radiant self, you feel as if this is what you were meant to be doing.

Transiting Sun opposite natal North Node

Your identity and the image you project to the world is at odds with your true self. The person you are becoming, the one you are destined to be, is trying to lead you on a higher path of leadership and service. A path aligned with your spiritual goals and your soul’s mission.

Meanwhile, your ego self is pulling you to stay in the past, where you are comfortable. Your ego self may even be running through your life like a bull through a china shop, bringing havoc and insisting on instant gratification, risk taking and grandiosity. A façade of your true power is not the same as rising to evolve into the person you are meant to be.

Relationships with others will help you discern between your ego self and higher self though this distinction is likely to be made after damage has been done to some important relationships. You may also need to experience some humbling lessons at this time and your confidence may be shaken at first.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal North Node

You may be like the Reluctant Hero in myth, knowing that you need to step up and take charge yet resistant to doing so.

You will experience a crisis of confidence or a challenge which makes you second guess your power and even your identity. Through examining this process you are deconstructing an old image of yourself so that you can reconstruct a new sense of who you are and where you are going. After some adjustment you will feel reborn, empowered and clear about your path for the future.

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