Transiting Moon on natal Sun: connecting conscious and subconscious mind


transit-moon-sun.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Sun: your conscious and subconscious mind are involved

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Sun

This transit presents a time of balance between your ego and public persona and your emotional inner world. Your masculine and feminine sides as well as your conscious and subconscious mind are all held in balance at this time.

You may be take strides toward achieving your personal goals in career for example, while still being in tune with the emotional needs of family or those your choices impact.

Your relationships will also benefit from this energy as you are able to show your enthusiastic, optimistic and assertive side while still nurturing and validating the feelings of those around you.

Your intuition is heightened at this time and you have the confidence to express your instincts at this time.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Sun

Your confident and optimistic nature shines through at this time yet is tempered by an intuitive connection to others’ feelings and emotional needs. You are less likely to get carried away pursuing egotistical desires.

You may seek out connection with those you love and find a good balance between assertive, proactive energy and nurturing. You are likely to be attuned to others’ feelings while still maintaining your composure and cheerful outlook. This is an ideal time to try to resolve relationship conflicts as your intellectual and emotional sides are well balanced.

This is a great time for nurturing your dreams through networking, or to partake in group activities or nurture relationships which feature energetic polarity.

You may also enjoy time celebrating with loved ones, entertaining at home and gathering with family. Whether it is a special occasion or a random Tuesday, you are likely to feel a holiday-esque feeling at this time. Excitement and nurturing, social connections and enjoyment of the home, all blend together now. While entertaining at home you may take center stage, amusing others with jokes or stories.

Transiting Moon square natal Sun

Your feelings or perceptions of others’ feelings are out of harmony with your public image. You may be trying to suppress your emotions and instead plastering on a happy face and acting as if nothing is wrong. You may also be trying too hard to cheer others’ up because you don’t know how to cope with their emotional needs.

If this is the case, you run the risk of alienating others who would rather their emotions be witnessed and validated. You don’t have to cheer everyone up, sometimes listening is enough.

You may also have to come to terms with subtle intuitive senses you have been ignoring in favor of obvious “signs.”

Any relationships or life situations in which you have been overlooking directly dealing with an ongoing conflict will be highlighted so that issues can be resolved.

Transiting Moon trine natal Sun

You are likely to feel comfortable and confident at this time. Your emotional side is soothed by a bigger dose of optimism than usual.

You may also feel self assured and capable of dealing with any issues which would have triggered your emotional reaction under other circumstances.

You are able to nurture yourself and others without losing yourself or becoming obsessed with insecurities and fears. Your relationships and homelife feel upbeat. You may also experience encouragement and joy in your family.

Focus on creating a comfortable home environment which reflects your individualism and is also welcoming and nurturing for others.

Your personal and public life are in harmony now and you are likely to socialize with ease. You may treat others as if everyone is family.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Sun

Your ego and intuition are facing off at this time and you may feel as if you are embroiled in a battle between the success you wish to achieve and the steps you instinctively know you need to take in order to accomplish your goals.

This conflict may manifest at this time in polarity in your relationships. Others who try to advise you may be perceived through the lens of your own insecurities, causing you to react emotionally rather than glean anything meaningful from their feedback.

You may also feel insecure about the direction you are taking, yet try too hard to project a confident outward image. As a result you may feel anxious or have an excess of nervous energy.

You could potentially access your creative drive through the emotional twists and turns you are feeling at this time, and this can be a productive channel for you to express yourself.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Sun

Your drive to succeed and shine in the spotlight is at odds with your desire to nurture yourself and others in the peace and quiet of home or familiar places.

You may want to be seen, recognized and admired while fearing that your talents may not actually be good enough. You may be able to cover up insecurities with an outward display of confidence at other times, but now it will more likely come across as exaggerated or insincere as you are likely to try too hard to compensate for emotional turmoil and self doubt.

You may want to simultaneously be a social butterfly and a wall flower and it is best to not make any serious commitments at this time.

Your intuition may be less accurate than normal and you may over or underestimate your personal talents and leadership ability.

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