Transiting Moon on natal Saturn: emotional links to the past

transit-moon-saturn.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Saturn: emotional links to the past

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Saturn

You are emotionally linked to the past at this time. You may become more nostalgic, longing for the security of the ‘good old days.’

It can be hard for you to give up traditions at this time and you may be the last one in your family hanging on to routines that are comfortable and secure, though perhaps outdated.

Harsh lessons are on the agenda for you at this time. You may seek nurturing or comfort from an authority figure or mother figure, and instead receive criticism. You may also feel more detached than usual or perceive those you look up to for guidance as being callous.

You may also be more aware than usual of cycles and a sense of divine timing and order. Some changes may be on the horizon but you will not be able to take control. Rather you will have to let things take their course and you may feel restricted or limited from exercising the autonomy you would like to exert.

In spite of, or because of, challenges at this time, you will mature emotionally and may grow in appreciation of struggles experienced by your mother or mother figure.

You may feel the need to grieve, yet self discipline and a sense of responsibility may keep your emotions suppressed at this time.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Saturn

You feel responsible for family and loved ones. Duty and obligation are the ties that bind you to those close to you at this time. Your emotional connection to others may feel less prominent as you are instead focused on caring for others through practical acts.

You may establish a long term plan for family or loved ones which involves budgeting or money as well as time management. The physical structures of home and work environment are in focus as well as you are tackling the duties of creating the nest or nurturing your career environment. Stability and foundation matter to you more than romantic ideas and feelings at this time.

Elders in your family may need extra support and you may schedule visits or make special arrangements to help older people out of a sense of loyalty and responsibility.

Preserving memories is important at this time, you perceive value in heirlooms that is financial as well as sentimental. You may organize family heirlooms or refurbish old furniture or treasures passed down through the generations at this time.

Transiting Moon square natal Saturn

This is an ideal time for reflection and self discipline, and not much else. That is because you are likely to already feel burdened by heavy emotions such as sadness, grief, or defeat.

Your physical and emotional energy are low at this time and you may be carrying the weight of responsibility for others, causing you to feel depressed and overwhelmed, or guilty if not able to change other people.

If others become aloof or disconnect from you now, consider that there is divine timing to connections which were truly burdensome or otherwise unhealthy, dissipating.

Your plans may face challenges, restrictions and obstacles. This is not the time to try to push forward. Instead, slow down your pace, work on rebuilding your foundation and create security from within rather than looking to others for stability.

Transiting Moon trine natal Saturn

Emotional tides are stilled by this influence and you are able to summon endurance and patience at this time.

You are likely to have a strong intuitive connection to elders in the family and experience greater emotional maturity in general.

Your practical and emotional nature work together to help you create a secure foundation in family, home life, and career.

You may also receive wise guidance from an older family member or older mentor. Your own intuition will also be an active source of wisdom and guidance at this time.

Reflecting on family traditions, old movies and photographs also brings you serenity and connection to your roots.

This is a good time for discussions on serious matters especially regarding end of life care, eldercare, and finances.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Saturn

You are likely to be emotionally detached at this time, which may be somewhat of a saving grace because the emotions you are in tune with are likely to be heavy and serious.

You may want to isolate yourself from others. Without realizing it, you may present yourself as detached and distant emotionally.

Your emotions are grounded in reality, though you may be consumed by the negative aspects of reality and while the cup may indeed be half empty, you are likely to forget that you can refill it.

Nurture yourself and try not to take depressing thoughts too seriously at this time.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Saturn

Your need for security is felt on both an emotional and practical level. You may have to deal with finances not quite being stable, yet your fears of instability may lead you to spend even more carelessly.

You may want to create security in home or relationship matters, yet end up acting on impulse or false instincts and undermining your overall goals.

This is a good time to weigh options and reflect on what security means to you, however your fears may drive you even further from setting down the roots you desire, if you are not careful.

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