Transiting Moon on natal Uranus: a time of intense and erratic emotional ups and downs

transit-moon-uranus.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Uranus: a time of intense and erratic emotional ups and downs

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Uranus

You are in for a time of intense and erratic emotional ups and downs. It will be difficult to subdue your feelings and you may be compelled to express emotions freely and spontaneously regardless of the consequences.

Your creativity and imagination surge at this time. You may have brilliant insights of an intuitive nature or dreams may lead to breakthroughs in your waking hours.

The things you feel, think and say may shock others and even surprise you. You may feel a longing to rebel against the status quo and when the mood strikes you won’t be able to hold back.

This can create tension in relationships. You may feel the need to release emotions or resentments you’ve been holding on to, and it becomes all or nothing as you struggle to filter your words at this time.

You are also likely to seek opportunities to nurture groups especially marginalized or oppressed groups of people and may have insights into how to solve problems that effect those around you.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Uranus

You adopt more progressive, even revolutionary, ideas and beliefs and your public image reflects your desire to nurture the proverbial underdog. You are likely to get involved in groups that work to create social change.

You are also likely to feel intense emotions and be compelled to act in erratic or shocking ways. You don’t want attention for yourself, as others may presume, but rather are going to extremes to draw attention to important issues impacting other people.

Your intuition is strong and you are likely to leap into new opportunities without giving much rational thought to your decisions, and for now it works for you.

Social connections and serendipitous encounters lead to breakthroughs and advancement for you.

At this time the scale is tipped in favor of individuality though you may still seek out social connection with others and your sense of empathy and intuition are strong, you will also resist being defined by others.

Transiting Moon square natal Uranus

You are in tune with emotional tides, and your feelings are further electrified at this time. Be careful not to confuse impulsivity with intuition. You may feel more restless than usual and feel compelled to rebel against routines and limitations of any kind.

In doing so you may break apart the foundation of important pillars of stability in your life if not careful.

You will likely feel more impulsive than usual. Also your moods may shift more than usual at this time.

You may get entangled in drama in relationships because you will have a hard time resisting anything new and exciting.

Transiting Moon trine natal Uranus

This is an exciting time for change and growth. You will be released from any kind of limitation and your intuition is providing powerful guidance and flashes of insight.

Prophetic dreams are possible at this time.

You feel an intense need to express your individuality and while you still desire the company of others, especially unusual people who are interesting and unorthodox, your desire to nurture is balanced by the longing for independence.

Friendships thrive at this time as you are tuned in to other’s feelings and the concerns of society at large.

Romantic relationships may take some rocky twists and turns at this time but you are likely to perceive this as an entertaining ride rather than a stressful situation.

If normally reserved, you will find the energy to break out of your comfort zone and try new things. Thrill seeking can expand your horizons at this time.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Uranus

Your emotions are rocked off balance easily at this time. You may discover something new about a loved one, work situation or family member which triggers a dramatic emotional response. Try to express your emotions in as productive way as possible as you will be tempted to go to extremes. Ungrounded reactions can result in significant consequences to relationships.

You are likely to misread signs and cues from your intuition, confusing intense emotional longings for ‘signs’ and reacting on impulse rather than allowing things to unfold.

Unexpected twists and turns can leave you feeling unsettled as change surrounds you in relationships, work, and personal life. Take measures to slow your impulsive reactions at this time.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Uranus

Your emotional range is expanded and your feelings have an added intensity or erratic quality at this time.

You may become more impulsive and feel like your emotions are ready to come pouring forth in an explosive manner, while also trying to contain yourself and act as an objective scientist.

You may desire more independence, freedom, and mingling with large groups of people, none of whom you have to have any intimate connection with, yet you can’t help being the nurturer in spite of yourself. Others may respond favorably to your sensitivity and compassion, only to be pushed away because they are threatening your need for independence.

Be mindful of mixed signals you may be sending in relationships at this time. Give yourself space to wander.

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