Transiting Moon on natal North Node: intuition is heightened

transit-moon-node.jpg Transiting Moon on natal North Node: intuition is heightened

Transiting Moon conjunct natal North Node

Your intuition is heightened and you are likely to receive glimpses of your future self in a future life which is different from the life you are currently living. Your intuition is showing you the direction you are heading. Although you aren’t ready to fully embrace this new path you are merging in the direction of fulfilling your highest potential. Follow your instincts and intuition and you will establish the groundwork in the present.

You may feel an urge toward settling down and starting a family if that is part of your higher path.

If so choices you make now will help you to establish your foundation for future family.

You may also have to revisit your own roots, reflecting on childhood, family relationships and upbringing, in order to heal deep emotional or Karmic relationship wounds.

Transiting Moon sextile natal North Node

Your spiritual awakening and emotional maturation is enhanced by relationships with those closest to you. Your family may also help nurture your path toward future successes. You are preparing mentally and emotionally to undergo a significant personal transformation.

Anxiety may be heightened and insecurities will come to the surface but you will be fully supported and able to tackle these challenging times if you are receptive to the guidance and love of those around you.

Wounds related to motherhood, your relationship with your own mother, or related to nurturing others in relationships will need to be addressed at this time.

Transiting Moon square natal North Node

Your instincts may be pulling toward a poorly defined vision of the future. You know something big is on the horizon yet may be unclear as to exactly what path to take or what you are even aiming for. You may feel emotionally pulled in different directions and struggle to choose the best path.

Your insecurities may be masquerading as intuition and it will take some discernment to figure out which internal cues are emotional impulses or insecurities, and which are truly stemming from higher wisdom.

You may undermine your evolution and growth out of insecurity or insist that others validate and nurture you, rather than taking on the responsibility for nurturing your own path.

Transiting Moon trine natal North Node

Relationships with others lead to fortunate opportunities which help you pave the way for your growth long term. You are developing your ability to listen to and honor your intuition at this time as well.

You are likely to experience flashes of awareness of past, present and future potentials and will have to sort out which path to take.

Time to reflect on your emotional well being and automatic psychological responses. You will have ephiphanies about the source of emotional wounds and psychological traumas and will have opportunities to heal on a deeper level.

You may also have to revisit family issues and childhood wounds at this time. The purpose for this reconnection with the past is to examine patterns that have emerged so that you can make changes and release baggage from past experiences.

Your relationship with your mother or other maternal, nurturing figures may be highlighted. As you work through challenges in these relationships you will feel as though you have ascended to a higher awareness of your needs and the needs of others. Karmic issues within these relationships or from childhood or family life can be exposed and healed at this time as well.

Transiting Moon opposite natal North Node

Your relationships are the vehicle for personal growth and transformation on the intuitive and emotional level. In the process however, things are about to get messy.

You may project your insecurities and fears onto others without realizing it. An urge to embark in a new direction can trigger fear and anxiety about the way things are. Before coming to terms with needed change and taking responsibility for your path you may first lash out at others, feeling betrayed or abandoned by those who aren’t able to walk this path with you or take the burdens off your shoulders.

When the dust settles you will have a clear sense of who your allies are however you may have unintentionally done damage to some relationships if you perceived betrayal or took challenges personally.

It is better to ride the emotional waves and take stock of your subconscious patterns before projecting onto others with extreme reactions.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal North Node

Trial and error will help you sort out your higher wisdom and intuition from emotional impulses, especially imbalances and underlying psychological patterns.

Automatic reactions will be highlighted so you can reflect on what beliefs or emotional responses are actually serving you and which are hindering your growth.

You may have powerfully informative dreams, impressions and instincts yet not know how to begin applying the information you are receiving. Through a process of experimentation you will find the best way to release the energy of the past, heal old wounds, and determine instinct from insecurities.

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