Transiting Sun on natal houses: where is your energy directed to?

Sun.jpg Sun transiting in house 1

Your energy is optimistic and you radiate confidence and charisma at this time. You are more likely to become image conscious and may begin to dress to impress. Particularly with regard to embodying a powerful image that will help you succeed in your career.

You may be undergoing a personal transformation at this time, re-emerging as a polished, enthusiastic, assertive version of yourself.

Your personality and appearance will attract notice of others at this time and you have a much easier time asserting your needs and getting others to see your creative talents and leadership capabilities.

You may become more independent than usual and your focus will be on showing the world your unique style and individual strengths.

Sun transiting in house 2

At this time you may get a raise or increase your wealth by bringing in additional income or attaining some type of valuable asset.

You will wear your values on your sleeve at this time. You may invest your money in items that showcase your personality and individuality, or you may switch up your investment strategies so that you are only investing in causes or products you believe in, or which reflect your identity in some way.

Any insecurities that weigh on your conscious, including any doubts about your abilities or strengths, or self worth, may be compensated for through the quest to obtain material objects such as clothing, a new car, or jewelry, in an attempt to shift your sense of identity.

Be careful of excess and vanity at this time.

Sun transiting in house 3

You are likely to be extremely busy, but don’t get caught up in busy work that distracts you from your greater goals.

You will have opportunities to shine when it comes to articulating your ideas. This is a great time to give a presentation, teach a class, or work on writing a book or other significant project involving communications.

Your social life may be buzzing at this time and you are likely to be on the road quite a bit as you scurry from place to place so as not to miss any important opportunities to network or catch up with friends.

This is also an excellent time to heal relationships with siblings, neighbors and peers.

Good fortune seems to be on your side and relationships are harmonious. It is easy for you to express yourself to others and maintain diplomacy and an upbeat attitude.

Your creative energy may become scattered at this time. You may over reach your boundaries and extend yourself in too many different directions. A great deal of mental energy is exerted and while you have more stamina than usual at this time, you may spin your wheels or gloss over important details if you are not careful.

Sun transiting in house 4

Home, family and security are in focus at this time. You may take opportunities to shine by hosting gatherings and parties in your home, and may take the lead initiating change or new adventures within the family.

Your creativity is surging and you may channel this energy to redecorate the home or improve the comfort of your surroundings, even splurging for some luxuries for yourself and your family.

You are more concerned than usual with issues of security at this time. You may become more conscious of your finances and budget, and while you will likely try your best to live within your means, the desire to indulge your family members will make it difficult not to splurge.

Sun transiting in house 5

Your attitude is positive at this time. You may be feeling so confident and hopeful that you can kick back and relax a little. You may let down your guard and indulge in recreational pursuits.

Your creativity is heightened at this time. You may have opportunities to perform or create works of art, and will likely be recognized by others for your talents.

You are perceived as attractive, youthful and exciting and as a result you may have the opportunity to start a romantic affair or uplift the energy of an existing relationship. You will thrive in social situations at this time and likely will want to keep the energy light, rather than getting bogged down in deep emotional issues.

The only thing not likely to feel promising at this time is the outlook of your finances. Riding a wave of euphoria and enjoying extending your generosity to those you love, you are likely to overspend at this time.

Your childlike self is in the spotlight and as you exude youthful energy you are also likely to want to be around children or young people.

Sun transiting in house 6

You are given an opportunity to stand out from the crowd in an otherwise mundane situation. Your routines at work may become more exciting at this time, or you may have the chance to stand out as a hero or leader to your colleagues.

Your health is likely to be good at this time and you may have added energy at this time. If you have any ongoing health issues, at this time you are likely to see improvements or symptoms going into remission.

You are more assertive and confident in your dealings with others, especially at work.

This is also a great time for creative expression. You may have opportunities to be recognized for the work you do or influence others to follow your optimistic example and institute changes in the workplace.

You have no problem showing others your warmth and generosity and may seek opportunities to volunteer or be of service to others.

Work relating to healthcare is also favored at this time.

Sun transiting in house 7

As confident as you may be in your identity and abilities, at this time you will want to share your blessings, joy and challenges with a partner. You may seek out individuals to reflect your ideas and beliefs back to you. You may seek the support of others in a one on one setting, so that they can help you to blossom and fully develop your goals.

Your best successes will come in tandem with partners, be it in romance or business.

This can be a great time for business negotiations as you are optimistic, confident and diplomatic.

Romance is also likely to blossom at this time. A new relationship is invigorating and energizing. An existing relationship is restored to harmony and you are hopeful about the future of your partnership.

Sun transiting in house 8

This is a time of uncovering hidden truths, self discovery, and rebirth for you. Your confidence is needed at this time, because you are likely to face challenges which strip away superficial layers and reveal underlying truths and wounds in need of healing.

Your energy, while still enthusiastic, may become more intense at this time. You may become obsessive and ruminate on how to accentuate your wealth. You may also assume ownership of someone else’s property, money or assets. Likewise you may feel entitled to the resources or money of another person. This presumption may be a result of overestimating your role in someone’s life, or may involve some level of egocentrism or grandiosity.

Be mindful not to overstep boundaries and make assumptions about your right to other’s assets.

A lucky break could improve your wealth at this time as well. You may be granted a settlement, obtain an inheritance, or receive repayment of a loan. A tax refund could also give your finances a boost.

Sun transiting in house 9

You become more conscious of the larger issues in life and your perspective broadens significantly.

You may take a long distance trip at this time and if so it will be a life changing, favorable experience which leaves a positive impact on your sense of identity.

You may also begin to identify with a culture that was not part of your upbringing or heritage. You may convert to a new religion or expand your spiritual understanding at this time.

Legal issues are likely to resolve in your favor. You may experience a spurt of good luck. This is a great time to take risks to advance your career or further your education.

You are likely to feel more philanthropic at this time and may take it upon yourself to lead a campaign to advocate for the oppressed or otherwise seek justice in a situation that you identify with. Your identity may become submerged with a cause or a particular spiritual path as well.

You are likely to connect with influential people who can help give your career a boost or who vouch for your talents and capabilities.

Sun transiting in house 10

Confidence and charm can help you succeed in building up your professional network at this time. A promotion is likely as are opportunities to showcase your leadership skills at work.

You are perceived favorably by others and this is a good time to work on public relations, build a business brand, or run for public office.

Business and career ventures are likely to succeed at this time. You stand out in a positive way and others easily put their faith in you and trust you as a fair and optimistic leader.

If a position requiring more responsibility falls in your lap, you are likely to adapt well to the new demands because your confidence will help you to lay the foundation for the role you are growing in to.

You may have to meet with a boss or supervisor at work and if so you are likely to impress this person. Be yourself and let your enthusiastic energy and creativity shine at this time.

Sun transiting in house 11

This is a great time for networking and you are likely to stand out in a crowd and get noticed for your creativity and talents as an individual.

You are likely to maintain a degree of independence and detachment from intimate relationships at this time, though you will be able to exert positive influence over others and will feel outgoing and social. Leave room to work the crowd, don’t get entangled in deep emotional issues in relationships at this point.

This is a great time to shine as part of a group or organization.

You may become active in a group focused on creating positive social change, or spearhead an initiative to assist some humanitarian cause.

You may also begin to mingle with an eclectic, even radical crowd.

Your individual identity is likely to be influenced by some aspect of an eccentric or fringe group in society. You may adapt your ideas about yourself and your personal goals to incorporate new learnings unearthed as part of a radical group or organization.

Influential people may help you reach personal and professional goals and this is a great time for networking.

Sun transiting in house 12

Whether or not you are an extrovert, you will likely crave solitude at this time. You may become lost in deep thought and personal reflection now. This can also be a great time to delve deeper into your spiritual practices.

If you harness your confidence you can face deep wounds and initiate healing and release.

If you are resisting your own innate power, you may retreat into fantasy or use mind altering drugs or even spirituality as a crutch.

You may want to lose yourself or rid yourself of certain traits but struggle to hang on to what is familiar. Be aware of the potential for too much focus on your ego to be your downfall at this time. Becoming self absorbed can sabotage you. Go with the flow and awaken to deep transformation that will help you shed some aspects of your identity so you can be reborn.

You may also feel a surge in creativity and this can be a great time to express pent up emotions through music and the arts. You may have the chance to share your gifts with others, yet even if you don’t, this time is about expressing yourself for the benefit of healing, not about gaining approval and recognition from others.

Be clear about your true personality and inner motivations. Try not to get lost in a fantasy of life as you wish it could be.

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