Transiting Mercury on natal Venus: interests in art, music, culture, beauty

transit-mercury-venus.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal Venus: interests in art, music, culture, beauty

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Venus

Your interests veer toward the expressive and artistic. You may become interested in art, music, culture, beauty and aesthetics. Your communication style may soften or become more romantic in nature.

This is a great time to express your appreciation for and love of others through spoken or written words. Perhaps even writing a love song or poem for a significant other.

You may create works of art or writing that bring financial gain in the long term. You may also plan to redecorate your home or add beauty or value to your living or work space.

Reviewing your budget or financial plans can help you get organized for long term success at this time.

You may feel more social and outgoing and desire the attention and company of others who stimulate your mind. Others are attracted to your ideas and find your creativity and wit appealing.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Venus

You are mentally stimulated by social connection to others and bring optimism and compassion to your social circle.

You may express your feelings toward loved ones in more creative, elaborate terms through love letters, frequent texts or even poetry.

Others inspire you to articulate your ideas and feelings through written or spoken word.

You charm others easily at this time through witty conversation and your sense of humor and intelligence.

Transiting Mercury square natal Venus

Overall you are riding a wave of optimism and contentment at this time.

It may slip beneath the radar, but subtle signs that all is not well in some personal relationships will be presented to you. Communication and diplomacy now will help avert bigger relationship issues down the road.

You may experience miscommunications or an error in electronic communication that puts a slight damper on a romantic relationship and requires some explanation or correction on your part.

Double check the phone number before sending a romantic text to the wrong person, proofread your work, make sure not to challenge someone based on an assumption or jealousy.

Your plans may change as you may be inclined to bend the rules of your budget to indulge in some pampering at this time.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Venus

Your positive attitude and compassionate nature help you express your feelings in a harmonious and fair way at this time.

This can help you resolve conflicts with others and bring balance back into relationships. Difficulties are likely to be resolved through open communication at this time.

You may be more interested in arts and music at this time as well. Check out a gallery, museum or concert with loved ones or for a special romantic date.

This is a good time to discuss long term plans in a romantic relationship as your desires are in tune with your rational, objective intellectual side.

This also helps you to indulge in some luxuries without going overboard and breaking your budget at this time.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Venus

Your personal values may be out of alignment with your mindset so this is not the best time to debate or engage in heavy duty conversations about deep, serious topics.

You may miss the mark when trying to convey your point to others anyway, or verbal faux pas may come out in conversation with others causing some awkward moments.

You may find that your usual charm is slightly offset. Still social encounters will be relatively good because you are agreeable enough and friendly enough to smooth over any friction that arises at this time.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Venus

Your mindset may clash just slightly with loved ones.

Not enough for all out arguments, but enough to feel a tension in relationships that is not easily released.A shift in your own mindset is needed at this time.

You are likely to start off on the wrong foot when it comes to a new relationship at this time and it will be difficult for you to express your feelings and ideas without missing your target or being misunderstood.

You may overanalyze a relationship situation causing more turmoil than if things were simply taken at face value.

You may also want to be more outgoing and social yet struggle with self acceptance and social awkwardness, retreating instead into the mental, rational realm of your mind.

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