Transiting Mercury on natal Ascendant: clear, sharp and focused thoughts

transit-mercury-ascendant.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal Ascendant: clear, sharp and focused thoughts

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Ascendant

At this time you easily articulate what is on your mind. Your thoughts are clear, sharp and your focus is on plans and intellectual matters.

You may seek mental stimulation and much of this is provided through social interaction. You may be less inclined toward emotional connection to others. Rather your dates or social outings are a source of mental stimulation and feed your heightened curiosity about others and the world.

This is a good time to further your education, or pursue work in teaching, writing, communications, IT, speaking or delivery work.

Your mind is more active than usual and you may openly question things. You may also find that you are speaking a great deal more about your interests, which are likely to expand, or simply end up speaking a great deal more than usual in general.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Ascendant

Connections to others helps you to feed your desire for information and mental stimulation at this time. Your social life is likely to thrive because you need changes of scenery and food for thought and this is provided through conversations with friends and loved ones.

Your mind is active and you may express your ideas more confidently and eloquently than usual. You are likely to present your ideas with transparency and tact at this time.

This is a great time for group projects which require study, research, writing or teaching. You may be on the go more than usual as you need to keep yourself from becoming bored with your surroundings.

You may be more chatty than usual and friends will likely benefit from your insights and knowledge, but be mindful to keep the conversation two way and allow for active listening as well as talking.

Transiting Mercury square natal Ascendant

Your brilliance and intelligence are not being fully expressed. You may have the potential to excel in school, for example, but apply minimal effort and coast by instead.

You may also have a potentially successful book, business plan or project nagging at your mind, waiting to be given form as you dawdle in distractions or procrastinate because of lack of self confidence.

With some adjustments you could be successful pursuing goals involving writing, communications, speaking or teaching.

You may have a hard time expressing what is on your mind and miscommunication or resentments because of stifled communication are possible at this time.

Slow down and give yourself time to develop your thoughts and follow through on ideas. Don’t let time pressures cause you to hurry as you may be prone to accidents at this time.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Ascendant

You are confident in your beliefs and ideas at this time and can express yourself powerfully and effectively. You are able to persuade with facts and through your enthusiastic attitude.

Diplomacy and networking will get you far at this time.

Self promotion, marketing a business or negotiations on a deal are likely to be favored.

You are also likely to have an opportunity to share your ideas through teaching, public speaking or published writing at this time.

You are likely to feel outgoing and social at this time and crowds energize you. Catch up with old friends, network with new contacts.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Ascendant

Important one on one discussions can take place at this time. It is easier for you to relate and communicate with a partner or significant others but on a more intimate basis rather than in a group social setting.

You are likely to have to sort out differences in opinion before a relationship can advance and may have to slow down to consider others’ points of view.

You may be given opportunities to walk in another’s footsteps and get into the mind of someone close to you, truly coming to appreciate their perspective and in the process challenging some beliefs you held as universal.

Others act as a sounding board for your ideas and you would be wise to listen to them even if you are enthusiastic about forging ahead with plans.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Ascendant

It will be difficult for you to express your views and ideas at this time.

You may rapidly shift opinions and ideas, or you may be trying to force yourself to adapt to new information in a way that challenges your core sense of identity.

You may have to go through several shifts in personal style and even communication style before you really become comfortable expressing yourself in a way that is authentic and believable.

In the mean time you may hold back on sharing your ideas or experience numerous miscommunications.

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