Transiting Venus on natal Pluto: enhanced attraction power

transit-venus-pluto.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Pluto: enhanced attraction power

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Pluto

This is a time of great attraction power. You will feel like a magnet, manifesting what you desire whether it be a change in job, money or relationship changes.

You exude powerful energy which attracts others. There is an edgy or mysterious quality in your personality that shines through now more than usual.

You may be drawn to more serious topics, to the occult, to topics which are morbid in nature.

You may also experience a literal or symbolic loss of something or someone you value. This could be the end of a relationship, job, home or work status, or a permanent change in a relationship or other significant life area.

Changes made at this time will be definitive. You may also go to extremes of all or nothing in you relationships or other commitments.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Pluto

You have a mesmerizing and magnetizing effect on others and situations fall into your lap which enhance your finances and empower your relationships.

Your charm and seductive qualities can greatly influence relationships with others, be aware not to misuse this power to manipulate or control others.

You may feel intensely attracted to a love interest and sexual connection is strengthened at this time.

Secrets are exposed bringing relationships with significant others closer.

Transiting Venus square natal Pluto

Your relationships intensify and you experience an added sexual charge in your romantic life.

Power figures prominently in your relationships with others. Be mindful not to manipulate others’ attraction to you for selfish or material gain.

You may experience greater passion which can translate in to greater tension in relationships. Don’t confuse control and jealousy with real love. Avoid power plays and mind games.

Transiting Venus trine natal Pluto

Financial success and relationship commitment are highly likely now. Your romantic and other relationships can take on a deeper connection and power is shared evenly in relationships.

You have the confidence you need to redefine yourself in career and this can lead to increased income because you aren’t afraid to aim for what you deserve.

You exude powerful charm and attraction energy, there is no need to push an agenda, things are going to align because of your intense drive and passion, and your natural attraction energy at this time.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Pluto

Your relationships experience intense flares of emotion, likely to include jealousy.

You may be forced to contend with underlying fears in relationships which challenge your beliefs about others. Deceptions or secrets are likely exposed at this time.

Loss of connection is possible if your relationships have been centered around insecurity, power games and immature pleasure seeking. Your path is being cleared for more mature experiences in love.

Any attempts to pursue power for the sake of power or for selfish gains will fall through and you will have to face your own underlying agenda.

You will also likely face fears of betrayal and discover deeper truths about your own self worth even through challenges brought on by relationships.

Issues may be resolved, but unalterable changes have been set into motion and there is no going back to the way things used to be.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Pluto

Feelings of romance and a magnetic attraction to the powerful, edgy and taboo may have you pursuing a relationship that is appealing on a surface level but not stable for the long term.

You may also be tiptoeing around a major relationship issue that is undermining a connection with a loved one. A relationship may need to end, change or drastically be altered, yet you are likely to try to continue pouring love and affection into the connection hoping it will resuscitate the partnership.

Allow the tension to play out and the changes that need to be made will become obvious, though they may not bring the results you were hoping for. In the long run, your path is being cleared for transformation and growth to take place.

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