Transiting Venus on natal North Node: expanded understanding of love and relationships

transit-venus-node.jpg Transiting Venus on natal North Node: expanded understanding of love and relationships

Transiting Venus conjunct natal North Node

Your understanding of love and relationships will be expanding at this time, leading you to a more spiritual view of relationships past and present.

You may sense a Karmic connection with others at this time and chance meetings will have long term repercussions, helping you to grow and evolve on your future path.

You are likely to become more aware of the power of compassion and forgiveness and challenges which arise in your relationships on all levels are helping to facilitate healing and forgiveness.

Your future path may involve a romantic connection or close collaboration with someone who will teach you many valuable lessons and change your life in a significant way.

You are now aware of the role of energy in relationships and the exchange that occurs on an energetic level when you are attracting people, situations or events into your life. As a result you are empowered to begin aligning yourself with your future path.

Transiting Venus sextile natal North Node

You are creating a new direction for your future and you are likely to attract helpers along the way.

Lovers, friends and colleagues will emerge to show you the subtle signs and cues that you are on the right track.

Things will also align financially to help you move in the direction you feel compelled to take. You may feel like destiny awaits and you easily connect your creative strengths and gifts for networking and fostering relationships to make your dreams come true.

A new significant other or social connection may seem fated to cross paths with you. From your relationships at this time you will learn a great deal about your full potential. Some of these lessons will come as the result of stumbling through mistakes but even these mistakes will be teachers in the long run.

Transiting Venus square natal North Node

You may be ignoring your higher purpose and destiny and expecting others to fulfill your needs. You may also be avoiding opening your heart to the guidance and love of others, instead trying to stubbornly go it alone and achieve your ambitions and plans.

The solitary path will not give you the results you are seeking.

You may assume that others are blocking you from pursuing your ambitions. Perhaps you feel family obligations stand in the way of your career, or a relationship which has become routine no longer brings the excitement you wanted. Resentments can simmer beneath the surface now as you aren’t able to articulate your feelings easily.

With experience and time you may come to speak up for what you feel and what you need from others and your expectations on others are likely to become more reasonable and not based on a personal fantasy.

Transiting Venus trine natal North Node

Others recognize your potential just as you yourself are awakening to your purpose and mission.

As a result you easily attract significant people into your life. These connections help you to advance your career, goals and mission.

You are able to advance personally right now because you are becoming more savvy in the art of working with attraction. You are learning valuable lessons about networking and about expressing compassion for others.

Various challenges or changes may come about in your relationships to help illustrate the true nature of unconditional love and compassion. You will have the chance to experience a higher level of love which may come about in sharp contrast to what you had previously defined as love or partnerships.

Transiting Venus opposite natal North Node

You are holding back on expressing your love an affection to others in general or to a particular person.

Ironically, the key to significant emotional healing and finding the love you desire is opening your heart and allowing yourself to express your feelings.

You will be challenged to get closer to others and let your guard down but this may be the last thing you really feel equipped to do right now.

Instead you may use relationships as a diversion or move from one affair to the next, resisting deeper intimacy. This will not bring you the healing and security you are seeking. Instead try to find a balance between protecting your boundaries and taking risks in relationships. Otherwise you run the risk of remaining stuck in self sabotaging relationship patterns.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal North Node

You may resist making changes that would ultimately lead you to fulfil your destiny because at this time you are still restricted by finances or holding yourself back out of insecurity.

You may also be resistant to really connecting with others and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. In time and with more experience you will come to appreciate the power in your vulnerability and the remarkable way that receptivity to others can help bolster you along your path.

For now, however, you are likely to feel hindered from expressing your feelings or following your heart’s desire. Adjustment and change of perspective are needed.

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