Transiting Venus on natal Ascendant: ample attraction energy

transit-venus-ascendant.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Ascendant: ample attraction energy

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Ascendant

You radiate natural beauty and ample attraction energy both in your physical appearance and the way you present yourself to the world at this time.

You are likely to approach others and life in general in a more subtle, romantic and harmony-seeking way.

You may seek out pleasure and comforts that enhance your physical appearance or promote personal wellness as well.

Your image is that of a highly sensitive, creative and artistic person who is compassionate toward others. Taking a toned down approach to others will improve and heal relationships at this time.

Your finances are also likely to improve in part because of new opportunities manifested as a result of presenting yourself differently to others.

At this time you may redefine yourself as an artist. Your skills in mediation, decoration, beauty, crafts, music culinary or other arts will be prominent.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Ascendant

Communication because diplomatic and you easily convey your views without dominating others. You are also recognized by others as more social, outgoing and optimistic.

Your attitude uplifts those around you and you are likely to mingle in different crowds, connecting with diverse groups of people without conflict.

Your empathy for others is enhanced now. This is a great time to rekindle friendships, start a romantic relationship or improve existing relationships.

You are also more inclined to attract money and material wealth needed to advance personally or professionally. Career advancements are likely to come from fortunate encounters with supportive friends or loved ones rather than merit alone.

Your beauty is recognized by others though you may pay more attention to personal appearance, adding touches to enhance you’re appearance.

Transiting Venus square natal Ascendant

You may try to adjust your appearance at this time though your rationale will fall on the superficial side, being related to insecurities rather than personal betterment.

For example you may become concerned about weight management but for the purpose of making a good first impression rather than for health reasons.

Insecurities and low self image may stir up people pleasing behaviors, and you may become overaccommodating toward others or excessively passive in communication.

Be mindful of the motivating factors at play at this time. Perhaps there are improvements to be made in relationships, financial management or even health which may benefit your personal appearance. Strive to make improvements sustainable and not as substitutions for security or self love.

You may also project an idealistic image onto those you care about at this time and become disappointed when reality doesn’t match your expectations.

Adjust your thinking around material objects and money as markers of status.

Transiting Venus trine natal Ascendant

Your charm and attractive energy comes across to others easily at this time.

You may attract a new partner who falls for you at first sight, or something close to it.

You may also experience apparent good luck in finances, receiving a financially valuable gift, obtaining valuables, art, antiques or additional money or assets, possibly through a friend or loved one, or through your creative abilities.

If you typically experience social anxiety or are shy upon first meeting someone new, these feelings and tendencies are absent at this time and you can work a crowd easily. In fact it will likely energize you to be among others at this time.

You may become a peacekeeper among friends and your mediation and diplomacy help you solidify relationships of all kinds.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Ascendant

At this time you feel more sociable and prefer activities that involve a partner or friend. You are motivated by the presences of others and whether for recreation or business, you feel the need to have someone else by your side.

Your charm, beauty and compassion are brought out in relationships with others. You may be inclined to keep the peace, even smoothing things over with others by side stepping your own ego or ambition.

Your focus is on creating harmony in relationships and you may veer toward codependency at this time.

Your creativity is stimulated by someone close to you and this is a good time to pursue work or even business collaboration with a partner, dealing with art, music, decorating, or the beauty and wellness industry.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Ascendant

You may be feeling uncomfortable with your appearance, or insecure about your attractiveness to other people.

This is a good time to uncover subconscious beliefs about your value and self worth. Attraction energy comes from within, though you may be tempted to go to various lengths to alter your physical appearance in hopes of appealing to others.

After some adjustments, you will come to recognize your worth and beauty and will feel more harmonious energy between yourself and others. Avoid going too far out on a limb making drastic changes to diet or appearance and taking on an image that is not true to who you are.

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