Transiting Mars on natal Sun: a surge in physical energy

transit-mars-sun.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Sun: a surge in physical energy

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Sun

You have a surge in physical energy. You need to express your individuality and creative abilities in an immediate, spontaneous way.

Your ego desires are brought to the forefront and you pursue your ambitions with zeal. You will not be deterred by others’ words of caution or naysaying.

As you steamroll over any obstacles on your path, you may burn a few bridges. Slow down and consider if the damage will be worth it.

Physical activity is helpful to expend excess energy. Martial arts, dance and any other combination of art and athleticism may become an interest worth pursuing at this time.

You may also have more tolerance for daredevil moves and impulsive, potentially dangerous activities like skydiving, Mixed Martial Arts, or other extreme sports.

You can be more assertive than usual and even headstrong at this time.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Sun

You may be intensely attractive to others and your sex drive is higher than usual. You may be tempted into spontaneous love affairs based more on lust than long term connection.

You may have the vitality and drive to start new relationships, engage in daring new adventures. New projects will be successful because you are unusually driven and motivated right now.

You may be more headstrong than usual, however there is likely to be a cheerful enough attitude accompanying this zealous drive to not become aggressive with others.

Your enthusiasm and joy become contagious, causing others to gravitate to you as a leader.

Friends will know to clear a path and not stand in your way, though the guidance, direction and support of significant others can help to steer you to solutions.

You may take the initiative in implementing new plans. Put ideas into action and you become a trailblazer, standing out in a crowd as the one who isn’t afraid to jump in head first.

Transiting Mars square natal Sun

All would be well if everyone would just stop interfering with your plans.

Something is out of alignment. You may be expecting too much too soon. More than anything, you need to be receptive to others, and that will also be one of your biggest challenges.

Exert self control to avoid aggressive reactions. You feel threatened by anyone challenging your ideas. Angry words and impulsive actions can be costly now, both personally and professionally.

You may be prone to mistakes, accidents and injuries.

You may assume too much power in work situations, stepping on the toes of authority figures.

A sexual attraction may become a source of frustration and tension. Power struggles and drama flare up in relationships. You may begin to thrive off tension and debate, instigating conflict unnecessarily.

Transiting Mars trine natal Sun

Competition motivates you. You are more courageous and assertive than usual.

Asking for a raise, applying for new jobs, presenting a bold new plan to a work team, taking charge of a project, or taking the lead in most any situation will work favorably for you.

Things may happen at a faster pace. You may feel much younger than you are. Recklessness can lead to injuries if you aren’t careful.

You are clearing the path and harnessing the best of your talents and willpower to pursue your passions.

You may take the lead toward initiating a passionate sexual relationship or affair.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Sun

You easily erupt into arguments and feel the need to defend your actions. Be it fighting on social media or antagonizing those who don’t share your views, watch out for a hair trigger temper at this time.

You may create adversaries where you could have allies, often over a battle of wills.

You may challenge authority, or anyone else for that matter. On the other hand, you are quick to perceive any lack of agreement as a personal threat or challenge.

You are focused on your will and collaboration becomes difficult. You are likely to break away from group efforts and blaze your own trail, for better or worse.

Impulsivity may undermine your goals or even safety and you may be accident prone, especially prone to sports injuries, work injuries related to being in a hurry, or accidents while traveling.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Sun

You may feel compelled to pursue a path that leads to power and recognition but is not personally fulfilling. You may also feel inclined to express your creativity but lack the focus and motivation to successfully complete projects at this time.

You may also be ambivalent about a choice between more than one option, yet will have to focus your efforts if you are going to succeed.

Any forward momentum at this time will likely achieve some positive results, though you may later come to realize this was not the most efficient use of your energy. Don’t be afraid to adjust and course correct even as you move toward your goals.

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