Transiting Mars on natal Moon: intense energy for the inner world and emotions


    transit-mars-moon.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Moon: intense energy for the inner world and emotions

    Transiting Mars conjunct natal Moon

    Your inner world including emotions and subconscious attitudes, are fueled by intense energy at this time. Passionate feelings lend to your overall sense of urgency and compel you to action.

    You may become more courageous, outgoing and assertive in your dealings with family and significant others.

    You may react to whims that lead you to make changes to your home, and it may feel like your emotional tides are amplified by spontaneous energy. Moderating your reactions is important but will be difficult.

    Your courage will outweigh insecurities, so you may be acutely aware of fears and doubts, but still find the strength to forge ahead regardless.

    Tense undercurrents are activated and you may become embroiled in power struggles. Your relationships may become rocky because your emotions are so volatile right now.

    You may unintentionally undermine your progress if your emotions are not aligned with your sense of drive, or if you give in to erratic moods or hypersensitivity to criticism.

    Transiting Mars sextile natal Moon

    Intuition is activated and you may feel compelled to focus your energy on becoming a champion for social change or to help those around you. You are motivated by your feelings and passion and emotions will sustain you as you pursue your goals.

    Communication becomes impulsive, leaving no time to consider the impact on others. Still, your good intentions stand out to others and this will likely soften the edges in your energy.

    You may become compulsively involved in extreme sports, dancing, sex, or training for a marathon. Your perception of others’ feelings is keen and you will be motivated to act as a protector to others.

    Relationships will involve intense emotions and may be and sexually charged. You may be pursuing physical and emotional release without considering long term compatibility. There may also be spontaneous, careless and otherwise quirky elements to your relationships right now.

    Transiting Mars square natal Moon

    Fiery energy abounds and you may have a shorter fuse than usual. You may react with anger or immaturity to petty situations. Misunderstandings in relationships are likely. You can take the higher road, but may be compelled to fight fire with fire, lowering your own standards.

    Overcome with emotional currents, exacerbated by a focus on your own willpower, you will have to sort through a lot of knee jerk reactions to cultivate mature, grounded responses to stressful situations.

    You may feel compelled to act on impulses and confuse every emotion with an urgent need to act out every instinct. This may prove detrimental to your overall goals.

    You will be better off at this time if you find ways to slow down and process emotions rather than jumping to knee jerk reactions at every turn.

    Transiting Mars trine natal Moon

    You are fired up by emotions which are serving to propel you into action. This is time to make personal changes. You may finally feel moved enough to assert boundaries in a relationship without cutting ties altogether.

    You will seek out various forms of emotional release. This may come through sexual relationships. You may also seek out release through sexual expression, and will have no problem attracting potential partners.

    You may seek forms of emotional release such as dancing, exercising, or spending time with active, high energy friends.

    You may attract a romantic partner. Nurturing will be expressed outwardly through your actions. Sexual energy is heightened, creating strong attraction energy.

    Your passions are intense and may lead you to fight for causes you care about or become fiercely protective of those you love.

    Transiting Mars opposite natal Moon

    You are easily triggered and sensitive to criticism, real or imagined. Insecurities rise to the surface and may be projected onto those around you, causing you to feel as if others are working against you.

    You may feel the need to defend yourself to colleagues, bosses, or loved ones. You may become antagonistic or aggressive to a greater degree than intended.

    You may also feel compelled to express every mood impulsively but this will not serve you.

    You may confuse intuition with your own will and desires, causing you to act impulsively in pursuit of signs which you may be misinterpreting.

    Your excitability can lead to drama in relationships, you may also miss opportunities because of your reactionary impulses. Your impulses may work against your greater good if you don’t slow down and balance emotion with rationality.

    Transiting Mars quincunx natal Moon

    Your masculine and feminine side are intermingling at this time though you may feel this not as a balance but as a trade off between intuition and logic, ambition and feeling, self promotion and pursuit of relationship goals.

    There is no clear easy way to have your cake and eat it too at this time. You may have to adjust your plans especially when it comes to personal ambitions you were pursuing. Your instincts may be trying to show you the best path, yet your logical mind is likely to overpower your intuition at this time.

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