Transiting Mars on natal Mercury: restless mind

transit-mars-mercury.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Mercury: restless mind

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Mercury

You may feel more physically and mentally restless than usual. You are likely to feel mentally sharp and may feel compelled to communicate in a fast, urgent or pressured manner.

You may be more accident prone or susceptible to injuries if you don’t slow down your pace.

You are prone to arguments with those around you. Your mind may be moving fast and you may miss crucial opportunities in communications with others because you are not fully present and listening.

Communication becomes satirical or edgy.

Find constructive ways to channel mental energy and communication skills, try to keep yourself grounded.

Immerse yourself in projects which allow you to express your inner Warrior through writing, advocacy, speaking and teaching. You may become an advocate for a cause which you are passionate about. Your thoughts are conveyed with convincing intensity, be careful not to become aggressive or dominating while expressing your ideas.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Mercury

Get down to the business of planning, analyzing and strategizing. You will have opportunities to lead others and your narrow focus and energized, optimistic mindset will help you achieve your goals.

Your wit and intelligence are sharp, focus is improved. Dedicate energy to aspects of your career involving writing, speaking, teaching, programming.

Research a topic that you become passionate about and your focus will be intense as you pursue information.

Communication is also energized. You are likely to express yourself passionately and this can motivate those around you.

Plan to take on a challenge, pursue new information or give a rousing speech.

The pen is mightier than the sword and you may channel your warrior side through communication. Whether advocating, setting boundaries, or airing grievances, your passion aligns with your core message and others are moved by what you say.

Transiting Mars square natal Mercury

You may be prone to accidents or injuries, slow your pace while traveling.

You may feel compelled to say the first thing on your mind before you have fully developed your ideas. As a result you may regret some communication made at this time.

You may also be more prone to arguments with those with differing views. You may feel compelled to convince others of your position while at the same time finding it difficult to be receptive to opposing arguments.

Your passion and physical drive to do more may throw your plans and goals out of balance. Are you working toward your goals or just spinning your wheels for the sake of continuing momentum?

You may become easily irritated with others. Slow down and try to be open to others’ views and feedback.

Being in a hurry can lead to mistakes at work or miscommunications.

Transiting Mars trine natal Mercury

This is not a time to sugar coat things and others generally appreciate that you get to the point even if the truth is difficult to hear. You are able to be more assertive, honest and direct.

An increase in focus and passion to succeed makes this an ideal time to delve into studies, research or writing projects. Communication is clear and direct which makes this an ideal time to have difficult but necessary conversations as well.

You have the confidence to initiate riskier plans with positive results.

Don’t back down from disagreements, your ability to articulate directly without aggressive outbursts. This a good time to clarify your boundaries and views in relationships, engage in civil debate, and potentially have a positive influence on others.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Mercury

You become frustrated with those who aren’t receptive to your ideas. Arguments are likely and you may easily get distracted by pursuing every debate until you have the last word.

In relationships, passion may shift to anger. At work, you may end up fighting uphill battles and distracting yourself from the larger goals.

The energy spent on power struggles, from fights on social media to spats with significant others or arguments at work, could be better directed trying to deal with the actual issues at hand, rather than becoming lost in verbal or text battles.

You may become impatient and being in a rush during this transit will make you inclined to not only sabotage your goals but also possibly also get into accidents or become injured.

Try to slow down and leave room for positive channels to express your thoughts and expend excess energy.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Mercury

Your mind and will may not be on the same page at this time.

You may want to move forward and focus on one path but things aren’t lining up according to your plans and it is more difficult for you to be flexible and work around obstacles at this time.

You may become more obsessive than usual and fail to see options. Take a more experimental approach and entertain the possibility of numerous solutions.

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