Transiting Mars on natal Jupiter: confidence to pursue advancements in career

transit-mars-jupiter.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Jupiter: confidence to pursue advancements in career

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Jupiter

You will have the confidence and charisma to pursue advancements in your career. Prospects initiated at this time will develop into large scale success in the long run.

Challenges motivate you to be creative in your approach to problems and at this time you are too optimistic to complain about circumstances that may otherwise be stressful. Instead your faith that things will work out guides you to dive in and tackle any obstacles on your path.

Your leadership abilities are in the spotlight and you will have the opportunity to grow in your career. You are determined to reach your goals no matter how idealistic.

Extra vital energy combined with a moral purpose make you a force to be reckoned with under this transit. You may spearhead a new initiative that empowers others or take a leadership role in advocating for the societal underdogs.

Your love life is likely to heat up as well as your charm and sexual attraction are magnetized by this transit. Your passion toward love interest is unmistakeable as you go to great lengths to pursue the person you care about.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Jupiter

Fortunate circumstances appear in numerous areas of your life. You may, on a whim, apply for a job that brings long term growth. You may also fall into a leadership position with very little effort.

Ambition will drive you to action toward any changes you had been thinking about but didn’t have the focus and courage to pursue previously. You are eager to advance personally and professionally.

If you had been feeling fatigued, your energy levels may increase, health and stamina will be robust at this time. You will have the ability to focus on activities that expand your mind such as science, religion, philosophy or the occult.

You may delve into interests that combine spiritual path with discipline and physical activity such as martial arts or challenging forms of yoga.

You may also become interested in diverse cultural groups or experiences of different people and new awareness into the obstacles others face, may feel compelled to become an advocate for social change.

Transiting Mars square natal Jupiter

There is enough friction for you to feel motivated to make much needed changes. You feel a strong enough nudge to strengthen boundaries, become independent from unhealthy relationships, or launch out in a new direction. You have enough of a fire lit under you to take the plunge and try new and adventurous things before it gets to the point where a crisis forces you to make changes.

You will feel compelled to act but be careful not to rush as there is potential for hasty decisions resulting in injury, accidents, or overextending your commitments beyond your ability to follow through.

You may take the initiative to change jobs as tension at your current workplace mounts.

You may finally have the courage and assertiveness to directly confront those who had been invading your private space or cramping your style.

Transiting Mars trine natal Jupiter

This is a lucky time for growth, expansion, and physical activity. A new exercise or training program. You may also explore other cultures through dance or other exercise.

You have the courage to break out of your comfort zone and may impulsively decide to take a long distance journey or visit a foreign country.

You may also end up traveling to enhance your career.

Spirituality may become important and you may become a more active participant in religious or cultural groups.

Your sexual attractiveness is enhanced and your relationships become more passionate and energized.

Assert your goals and expand your business or career, your efforts will yield abundance.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Jupiter

Your motivation is so strong that on the path to expanding your prospects you may unintentionally begin to trample over others.

You may lose sight of personal connections to others as your focus is on the future and your ideals and possibilities.

You are also likely to leap without looking and take on more than you can handle. Try to slow down your pace and be realistic about your limitations.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Jupiter

You may think that focus and motivation are driving you toward your larger goals, only to realize later that you have been too narrowly focused and have missed the big picture altogether.

Opportunities are likely to surface which help you to advance, but you may be too busy exerting effort in other areas.

When your ship comes in, you may have already gotten impatient and left the harbor. Luckily there will be numerous opportunities to advance and expand especially in career, if you can stay out of your own way.

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