Transiting Mars on natal Neptune: passion about creative pursuits and romantic encounters

transit-mars-neptune.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Neptune: passion about creative pursuits and romantic encounters

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Neptune

You may become more passionate about creative pursuits and focused on developing your artistic skills. You also have a surge in sensual romantic encounters.

Beliefs, relationships, and plans that you have a clear sense of directions about become suddenly mired in fantasy and idealism, confusion and daydream. You may have a more difficult time asserting your individuality.

You may become enamored with significant others or an idealized view of situations or people and as a result fail to see objectively where your attention and energy are needed.

You may also vacillate between feeling confident and vulnerable, becoming overwhelmed with resentments, unexpressed anger, or becoming confused about what is real and what is your own illusion projected onto others.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Neptune

You may want so much to break away from convention and tradition that you end up retreating from reality into fantasy and daydream. Lost in ideals, you may fail to see situations or relationships as they truly are.

You may become more enthused about spiritual quest and put energy and focus into researching occult and esoteric topics.

Your dreams may become more active or vivid and you may feel compelled to act on hunches before you have established that it is in fact intuition and not wishful thinking.

If you are typically assertive and outgoing, you may now wish to blend in with the crowd.

Transiting Mars square natal Neptune

Relationships where communication had been vague now face escalating tension as any deceit beneath the surface is unearthed. You must confront lies, dishonesty in relationships and deal with uncomfortable truths. This can include the reality of your own deceitful actions and ways you have manipulated your own perceptions.

You may also have to face consequences of careless use of mind altering substances or other forms of escapism that have begun to spiral out of control.

You may be on the defensive as these underlying issues rise to the surface.

Your imagination takes on a more fearful or even militant twist. You may become vigilant and irritated based on assumptions or beliefs about what others think of you, or you may perceive persecution directed at you when this is not actually the case.

You are likely to stifle your anger and may resort to self sabotaging behavior, rather than dealing with concerns directly and assertively. Try not to take assumptions at face value and be mindful not to react to hunches which have not been verified with factual information.

Transiting Mars trine natal Neptune

Your passion and empathy blend to create strong romantic attraction energy. This can be a good time to attract romantic partnerships which are both sensual and spiritual.

Your creative instincts are strong and you may become involved in a project which is both artistic, boundary pushing and personally challenging.

Your spiritual beliefs may propel you into advocacy for others. You may also have more focus on pushing boundaries and initiating new projects which benefit others and society at large.

The channel between physical activity and altered consciousness is activated and you may find yourself entering trance like states while dancing, walking, practicing martial arts, yoga or other activities.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Neptune

Your sense of reality may be challenged as you fall prey to self deception or manipulative relationships. You may feel compelled to escape reality by retreating into fantasy, or even into spirituality or religion.

You may seek zealous involvement in group activities, ideological groups and spiritual groups. Be mindful of surrendering your will to groupthink, or becoming unduly influenced by ideologues or gurus. You may begin to lose yourself in relationships with others.

Spiritual practices which are grounded and positive are an ideal outlet. Other potential interests which may become new obsessions include conspiracy theories, drug use or addictive behavior.

You may also be confusing illusion for truth when it comes to your love life, and may become infatuated with a fantasy image of another.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Neptune

You run the risk of chasing windmills like Cervantes, believing in your mission and even becoming a warrior like champion for a cause only to find out later on that things aren’t what they seemed to be.

Avoid impulsive actions especially since you will only be pursuing goals based on your ideals, wishes and a foggy sense of reality. Your intuition may be clouded by doubts, fears and wishful thinking at this time.

Escapism can lead to self destruction and further frustration so avoid the impulse to retreat into alcohol, drugs, sex, distractions and fantasies.

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