Transiting Mars on natal Pluto: high sensual passion and drive to pursue your ambitions

transit-mars-pluto.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Pluto: high sensual passion and drive to pursue your ambitions

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Pluto

Your energy is intense and you feel driven to pursue your ambitions. Your career may undergo a powerful transformation. You may move into an entire new field, redefining your professional identity, or you may have an opportunity to accelerate career growth through a promotion.

Relationships are intense, passion driven, and highly sexually charged. You may abruptly end a relationship that you have long outgrown but were holding onto.

New relationships started at this time will have the potential to significantly transform your life by first dredging up deep seated fears and issues brought to the surface for healing.

You are prone to extreme behaviors and may go into obsessive moods pursuing your goals relentlessly. You are able to see beneath the surface in relationships and circumstances around you. As a result you delve deeper to get to the root causes of problems even if it requires courage and assertiveness to face what you had previously been denying.

Sexuality is a prominent drive and you may experiment with your sexuality or push the boundaries in your sexual relationships.

You may also become more concerned with authority and power, assuming more power in relationships or striving to advance status.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Pluto

You are more confident now and others perceive you as an authority figure. You are motivated into action and pursue your highest ambitions without doubting your ability to succeed.

Your charisma and sexual energy are attractive to those around you and you may have the opportunity to pursue new romantic relationships or affairs. These relationships may be life changing but will likely be based more on sexual chemistry and power as opposed to emotional connection.

You will have opportunities to make significant life changes and even redefine yourself through changes to your surroundings. You may pursue different social connections which bring status and influence. You may also become more interested in mysterious topics such as the occult.

Transiting Mars square natal Pluto

You are likely to get distracted from your ultimate objective by power struggles and conflicts with authority figures. Your ambition and willpower are charged up and you are ready to dive in with all of your energy in pursuit of your goals.

Problems arise when others don’t work to enhance your ambitions, or when you perceive others as standing in your way, intentionally or not. You may mistake others for adversaries because they do not support your mission.

You may misuse your authority to manipulate others as you are more concerned with achieving your goals than with others’ needs at this time.

You may also perceive anything or anyone standing in your way as a personal threat. You may end up burning bridges with others and what you say or do will have an impact that can’t be erased, proceed with caution.

Use discretion with addictive substances and interests which start to become addictive such as work, shopping, exercise and eating. You are likely to go to extremes and this could lead to injury or sabotage.

Transiting Mars trine natal Pluto

You are significantly empowered by this transit. You will have the courage and energy to accomplish long term goals involving personal transformation and advancement.

Your ambition is fired up and you will have opportunities to advance your social status as well as advance your career.

Pursuit of a new job, promotion, raise, or upward shift from one career field to another are all possible now.

Your urgent desire for change is moderated by a willingness to establish a solid foundation, so you focus, even obsessively focus, plan and strategize a path to complete transformation. When all is said and done, it is possible that nothing in your life will be the same.

You may be considering which relationships still work for you and which don’t. If you end a relationship now it will feel like a relief and your focus will be on your changing prospects, not so much on grieving the loss.

Similarly, you may be purging various aspects of your life but will feel confident in your ability to move on and start over.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Pluto

You feel at odds and easily threatened by authority figures under this transit.

You may get sidetracked by pursuit of power for the sake of power.

You are likely to become obsessive about interests, relationships and goals. Jealousy and possessiveness also pervade your romantic life. Avoid these extremes and the assumptions that lead to his type of thinking.

Strive for balance instead, and the charged energy you feel will help propel you toward achieving your goals.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Pluto

You are on the verge of a rebirth process and you can sense this on the horizon.

Still, you may be confusing your will and immediate plans with the larger changes in store ahead and trying to exert control will only set you further onto a detour.

You may feel frustration in relationships to authority figures as you try to assert your will be run the risk of getting in to power struggles.

Trying to dominate others through arguments, or through sexual relationships that have a manipulative undertone, are also likely to backfire at this time.

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