Transiting Mars on natal Ascendant: increased stamina

transit-mars-ascendant.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Ascendant: increased stamina

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Ascendant

Your physical energy is heightened and you may feel increased stamina and strength and require less sleep.

You may become interested in altering your physical appearance and identifying more with athleticism. This is a great time to start an exercise program or train for an athletic event.

You become more assertive with others and are confident stating your boundaries and letting others know your ambitions and agenda.

You are more competitive and have a strong drive to succeed. Your activities may be more independent and solitary because you are primarily focused on achieving personal advancement and less concerned with relationships.

Still you exude a passion which may bring potential sexual attractions and relationships into your life.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Ascendant

You become more decisive and assertive, so this is a good time to get your point across to others and articulate your long term goals. Talking in terms of feelings will be more difficult as you are focused on actions and results.

You are more independent than usual and require less help from others however you are likely to ascend to leadership status within groups or at work.

Your perspective is focused on what you need and your ultimate goals so you may be more self absorbed than usual and this can effect your relationships if you aren’t considerate of others’ perspectives.

You will be active and on the go pursuing interests and ambitions and will feel supported in achieving your goals.

Transiting Mars square natal Ascendant

Your long term ambitions don’t quite match the image you are projecting to the world. Adjustments in confidence and assertiveness can be made now so that your internal drive and motivation matches your outward expression.

Insecurities may cause you to project a tough outer image, becoming more abrupt or aggressive with others than you intend to be.

You may also become more impulsive and not consider the long term ramifications of your words and actions, especially the impact on relationships.

You are prone to initiating arguments and unintentionally dominating over other people. Try to slow down and consider your potential reactions before jumping into action.

Transiting Mars trine natal Ascendant

You are more exuberant and energetic than usual. You thrive on activity and may appear restless if you don’t have enough physical outlets for your energy.

Others are attracted to your enthusiasm and sexual energy.

You may have prospects for relationships and a big part of the attraction will be sexual attraction.

You are more impulsive than usual and will generally act on instincts to further your growth and achievement.

You may be prone to accidents or mistakes because of your fast pace, but things will work out for you in the long run.

You are likely to become intensely involved in pursuing your goals and may overstep boundaries or lack consideration for others’ views, but you will be perceived as excited and eager rather than aggressive.

Your motivation is contagious and others are energized by your presence.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Ascendant

You may get caught in power struggles and argue for the sake of drawing attention from others. You are likely to be less confident now and work harder to project the image of courage.

You may perceive others to be adversarial when they were in fact trying to be helpful. Be careful not to burn bridges with those who are supporting your goals, especially over petty issues.

Your insecurities may draw those to you as teachers and partners who challenge you to build your confidence, though this may arise through volatile, tumultuous relationships.

Disagreements with those close to you will be common at this time. Try to listen and be receptive to information that challenges your ideas and plans.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Ascendant

You may struggle with a lack of motivation or feel like you have a lot to do but no energy to do it. You may also feel the consequences of not having had enough exercise, or overtraining physically.

This is a good time to give yourself more rest and take a break from diligently pursuing your goals as you are likely to feel burned out anyway. You may also need to step back and refocus.

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