House 4 in the signs

house icon_4.pngHouse 4 in the signs: What is your attitude toward home and family?

House 4 in Aries

The archetype of the Warrior in your fourth house of home, family and private life activates your defenses and ambition. Your 4th house in Aries makes you driven, ambitious, passionate and assertive. Even in your private life you aren’t fully relaxed. You are intense, obsessive and fast moving.

You may spontaneously make important moves in your personal life. Changing household, having a family or other milestones are likely to advance quickly for you.

You feel most at home when you are active especially when in pursuit of your goals. Challenges and conquest are second nature to you and you don’t mind doing things the hard way if it gives you a chance to flex your muscle and impress others or at least impress yourself.

You are restless and passionate and you want to be the first to do everything. In your childhood and family, regardless of birth order you may have been the first to accomplish major milestones or may have acted like head of the household even as a child. You may have been an only child or at the very least had the mindset that your goals and needs were in the spotlight.

Your early life is also marked by abrupt changes and your family may have moved frequently or family was likely highly active in sports or other activities. Strength and courage were valued or you were thrust into situations which tested your strength.

House 4 in Taurus

Your fourth house in Taurus gives you the desire to plant deep roots and establish a secure home base from which you grow and thrive. You are most at home when you are physically pampered and comfortable. You also desire beauty and luxuries in your environment and high quality food, art and music.

You are patient and reliable when it comes to home and family and others may view you as the rock they lean on. You seldom complain about this yet you expect to have your generosity reciprocated. If it is not you can become angry and resentful.

In your personal life you hold fixed views about how things should be and once your mind is made up it is almost impossible for others to persuade you against your convictions. You are slow to trust others and may be extremely private about details of your life. Even the location of your home or access to your home or family is a privilege reserved for those who have proven their worthiness of your trust.

You are practical and grounded and value financial security. Your home is likely well decorated and well maintained because it is a secure investment however you know how to live in luxury while remaining within your means.

In your family growing up you were likely to desire security and seek comfort through material things. In childhood this may have been a favorite toy. Later it may have been manifest through collecting valuables and trinkets or even hoarding money.

You are likely to have been the banker of the family, the one whose careful budgeting results in others seeking financial assistance from you.

You are nurturing, yet in a practical, material way rather than through displays of emotion which you tend to regard as messy and uncomfortable. You love to give advice and help others feel physically pampered and cared for.

House 4 in Gemini

Your fourth house in Gemini gives you an intellectual style of nurturing. You love to inspire others and help your family and close friends learn and understand things from different viewpoints. In your private life you are studious, curious and chatty.

You don’t like to be bored and become bored easily if things are too routine. Therefore your private life is never really all that private. Instead, you fill your time and space with noise by constantly being in communication with others through phone, chat or social media or frequent social events.

You may entertain frequently in your home. You are also always busy reading, taking classes and exploring through research.

When you try to have down time, sitting with silence can be anxiety provoking for you and so you may also constantly have movies playing or music in the background.

In your family you are the spokesperson and others may rely on you to be the messenger or mediator when they are having problems with various family members. You are good at this because you can see things from various sides and your ability to translate others’ grievances and diplomatically convey their messages can be helpful.

On the other hand, you can be susceptible to gossip and others may perceive you as duplicitous if they believe you are carelessly abandoning one side for another.

House 4 in Cancer

Cancer rules the fourth house and so this placement feels right at home, amplifying the energy of the archetypal mother and nurturer. You are most at home when you are literally in your home or whatever place you feel emotionally connected to. You are resistant to change because you easily become emotionally attached to family, routines and surroundings.

You are shy and withdrawn in your private life though when you feel comfortable with those around you or have begun to feel at home, your warmth and nurturing unfolds and you express your caring and affectionate side.

You are intuitive when you give yourself quiet space to reflect you can easily sense the emotional needs of others. Your feelings are deep and can make or break your sense of home. You may suddenly feel uprooted for example if your home space is tainted by the energy of a fight or any kind of discord.

You need to feel secure and can put walls up initially.

Family is important to you and you may either have children of your own or have surrogate children that you help care for and nurture.

In your family growing up you were likely to have been a nurturer and empathically aware of other peoples’ feelings and needs. You were also likely to have sought out security either through emotional validation from others or through indulging in eating or other nurturing behaviors.

Your home is likely to be comfortable, nostalgic and secure. You keep details of your personal life private until others have gotten to know you and you feel emotionally secure around them. You are also tied to memories of the past and may have old photos or family heirlooms on display in your home.

House 4 in Leo

Your fourth house in Leo gives you bold, dynamic and dramatic style. In your personal life you are entertaining, theatrical and can be a Diva. You love attention and even when you are at home alone you are likely to spend your time posting selfies on Instagram and waiting for the approval and admiration of others. Your inner desire is to be recognized for your creative talents.

You are generous with family and loved ones and you love your home to have the feeling of wealth and luxury. You are drawn to power and a natural leader. Regardless of age or role in the family you are likely to frequently take the lead and try to uplift and empower others. At the same time, you can become frustrated and stubborn if anyone challenges you for authority.

You decorate your home with the best of the best and spare no expense to show your family and loved ones that you value them. You also value security and may splurge on safety features for your home.

You are likely to decorate your home in bold colors and continually upgrade to remain trendy and uphold the appearance of wealth.

Growing up you were likely to seek admiration and attention from your family or peers. Even when you had the spotlight you would become concerned with losing the attention of those around you and were likely to go to extremes to keep all eyes on you.

You may feel right at home as part of a theater troupe or involved in other kinds of performance art which gives you an outlet to express yourself. Your private life is public, or at least a surface veneer of it is, and you may conduct yourself as if you were on a reality tv show.

House 4 in Virgo

Your fourth house in Virgo places high emphasis on your intellect and analytical skills, even when you are home or in your personal life. Your inner persona is like a computer, absorbing information and analyzing data constantly. You feel most at home in your mind pouring through intellectual material.

You are likely to approach home and family through a logical lens. You can be objective and others may judge you as being detached. You are also likely to be meticulous in your personal life and need to have everything arranged in an organized and orderly fashion.

You are a perfectionist and place high standards on yourself even when no one is looking.

You are also conscientious and committed to being of service to others and this begins right at home. You may be the expert on a number of subjects and family members and close friends seek you out for guidance.

Even when others don’t seek your opinion you freely share your advice with others and genuinely feel that you can help assist others whether they know they need it or not.

Your home is likely to be tidy, organized, and spotless. You keep careful records and know how to structure your home life around schedules and routines.

You are likely to have been highly organized and detail oriented even as a child. You may have been an anchor for family members even in your youth, providing practical grounding even for your elders.

House 4 in Libra

Your fourth house in Libra places emphasis on beauty, harmony and collaboration in your private and home life. You value family and your idea of family may be partnership or coupling rather than expanded family. You are also likely to strive to bring balance and harmony right into your home. You will notice if anything from pictures to furniture to the energy of the home itself is out of balance.

You feel most at home around art, culture, romantic settings and partner collaborations. You thrive in partnerships be they romantic, business or friendships. In your private life you are a seeker of fairness and balance. You also loved to be surrounded by comfort and beauty.

Your early years were likely marked by a strong desire to please others and avoid confrontation and conflict, yet also a desire to speak up for those who are underrepresented.

You are conscious of social issues and try to balance your own and others’ perspectives. Your home may reflect your awareness of and love of different cultures and beliefs as you try to make sure everyone has a voice and a platform.

You are also likely to surround yourself with beauty in the form of fashion, home décor, art and music.

House 4 in Scorpio

Your fourth house in Scorpio gives you a desire to delve deep beneath the surface especially when it comes to seeking the truth hidden within your family or unearthing hidden aspects of your home and personal life. You are a seeker of truth and often facilitate profound change and transformation.

You have a way of digging up secrets on others and this may be focused on your family and those closest to your home.

Your home itself may be a place where many secrets are buried or where deep transformation takes place. You are at home with mysterious, edgy subjects and may be closely connected with death and rebirth, perhaps through your interest in the occult or experience with spirit activity in your home or childhood home.

You can be intense and obsessive and become concerned with the safety of your family and those closest to you. You aren’t easily trusting of others and may be suspicious of the motives and intentions of those close to home and in your family.

Your early life and childhood may have been marked by crisis, death or addictions which had a profound impact on you. As a result of these experiences you learned to not take things at face value. Your intuition may have been awakened and your spiritual connection triggered but you may also have experienced deep wounds and traumas which you then spend significant parts of your life trying to heal and transmute.

You can become obsessive and territorial about your home and personal space. Boundaries are important to you and you are usually clear about letting people know when they have gone too far and intruded into your private life.

You can remain stoic and observant while others get to know you but it is actually because you are carefully observing them. When you need to use your defenses it may take others by surprise because they underestimated your ability to push back, but nevertheless you will assert your boundaries even if you have to become aggressive or abrupt.

House 4 in Sagittarius

Your fourth house in Sagittarius reveals a lot about your private life and personal nature. You are at home on the road and can adapt to your surroundings. At some point, maybe in childhood or later in life, you may adopt a nomadic lifestyle and literally live in constant transition on the open road.

You are easily bored and frustrated with routines and you don’t accept tradition as a solution just because the status quo has worked for others. This is particularly true when it comes to home and family life.

You may redefine family and expand the term to apply to adopted animals, close friends, orphans, foster children or elderly neighbors. You may also have ‘family’ abroad as you connect to those you meet in your travels.

You are generous and kind hearted and also feel at your best when you are helping others. Your home may be large or filled with excess luxuries. You believe that more is better and are likely to have several collections yet you are also freedom loving and independent and know that material things don’t define you.

You can’t stand feeling restrained either in a home or relationships. If you have children, you are likely to have many or a large family, or to feel closely connected to an extended group which you identify as family.

You are a philosopher and truth seeker and even from a young age you may have confronted the authority in your family by challenging your elders to prove that what they say is true. You may also have tried to roam free by wandering from home or going on escapades that brought you into new surroundings.

Your home may also be decorated with mementos of various cultures as you like to explore and dabble and bring back aspects of different lands and traditions from around the world. You may have had a desire to heal others even as a young person and may seek out ways to make your home a place that attracts others who need uplifting.

You can be lucky when it comes to family and home life yet you also can throw caution to the wind and ride the rollercoaster of gains and losses, experiencing changes of home base that mirror your economic ups and downs.

As much as you love family and home, you also need fresh air and space to breathe and so you may travel frequently or take sabbaticals away from your loved ones periodically.

House 4 in Capricorn

Your fourth house in Capricorn brings the desire for stability, efficiency and preservation of tradition as a matter of personal security. Your private life is built on tradition and you value home and family. You may have conservative views of both and you may also work from home or have a home business.

Your early life may have been marked by hardship and strife causing you to take on high degrees of responsibility even from a young age. You are likely to be close to the elders in your family and perhaps raised or heavily influenced by grandparents or older generations.

Your attitude toward family also harkens back to previous generations and you may be strict when it comes to beliefs about family and gender roles.

In your private life you are reserved, hard working and ambitious. You strive for success though you seldom just want wealth and acknowledgement for yourself. Rather you are concerned with creating a solid baseline for future generations and for those you love.

You believe that reliability and commitment are important pillars and will not give a guarantee unless you can fulfill it.

You are also serious about your responsibilities to home and family. You see everything through a lens of austerity and can be practical yet also frugal when it comes to maintaining your home or budgeting for your family’s future.

You are self disciplined and can accomplish much with very little to start out. As a result scarcity may be a part of your personal life though it will not likely bother you as it might others. Instead you derive satisfaction in knowing that you build your personal empire from the ground up with very little outside help.

You expect your family to be responsible, efficient and to take life as seriously as you do and can become frustrated when others show signs of complacency or aren’t as diligent in their work as you are.

Others may see you as detached but you are usually strategizing ways to provide for those you love and aren’t good at showing your affection through emotionally connecting to others.

House 4 in Aquarius

Your fourth house in Aquarius makes you a revolutionary and highly intelligent and social person even behind closed doors in your personal life. You break the rules regardless of whether anyone is around to notice it. Your definition of home and family may defy tradition as you abhor routine and love being unpredictable.

You prefer to keep people guessing and can even shock those who know you best, or who think they know you the best.

Your home is likely unusual and frequently changing. You may run off to another country to live in a yurt for some time only to then adopt a high class lifestyle in a posh apartment before turning around and backpacking across Europe. You can change your definition of home on the spur of the moment and are highly adaptable.

You are also intuitive and intelligent and are likely to seek out family in unusual groups, not just assuming those related by blood are your best supports.

In fact, at some point you may suddenly rebel against your family and become estranged or shock them by making a dramatic life change. Instead of looking to your parents of siblings for support, you may become more attached to members of a political organization or social cause for which you volunteer. Even then attachment is a loosely defined term for you.

You may feel solidly connected to a large group with a shared mission but can just as easily break away and strike off on your own especially when you perceive the group is standing in the way of your success or worse, your ideals.

House 4 in Pisces

Your fourth house in Pisces gives you a romantic, sentimental and nostalgic desire to feel secure with home and family. Your desire to deeply connect with family may cloud your interpretation of actual family relationships. You may idolize certain family members for example. You may also keep yourself immersed in an illusion of happiness and tranquility when the reality of your home life is just the opposite.

Your mystical and spiritual side comes to the surface when you feel at home. Your living space may include a cozy artist’s nook where you make music and paint, or you may have a romantic fantasy theme to your private space and home.

You feel most at home in your own imagination and need ample alone time to nurture your creative inner world. You may take time to meditate or explore altering states of consciousness through prayer, drumming, ritual or use of substances, though this last option can prove detrimental to you if you are not well grounded.

You may prefer escaping into illusions to avoid reality and may feel as if you aren’t quite at home in the material world. This is because you can see much of the trappings of the physical world for what it is, a series of illusions.

At the same time you can foster quite a few illusions of your own and must be careful to remain rooted in reality.

Your early life or family upbringing may have been marked by addictions or traumas which caused you to retreat into fantasy. If you take the opportunities to thoroughly seek healing for yourself, you can become an inspiration for others to heal. If you avoid this task however, you may become trapped in a cycle of self sabotage, addiction and self sacrifice.

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