Synastry Moon in the other person's houses

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    PlanHouse-Moon-House12.jpg Synastry Moon in the other person's 1st house: How do you nurture each others’ need for emotional security and connection?

    Moon person awakens House 1 person's emotional, nurturing instincts. Moon person's creativity and shrewd instincts appeal to House 1 person. House 1 person is also drawn to Moon person's sentimental nature.

    Moon person can connect with House 1 person on an emotional level and sense their inner needs, sensing beyond House 1 person's defenses and masks.

    Moon person's vulnerability makes House 1 person feel secure and understood. This couple may feel instant familiarity and security with each other. House 1 person may feel they have known Moon person for years.

    This relationship may become personal very quickly.

    Moon person may remind House 1 person of a mother figure or early nurturer and this can cause House 1 person to project both positive and negative associations onto Moon person.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 2nd house: How do you nurture financial stability and business growth in each others’ lives?

    Moon person has strong instincts and intuition when it comes to House 2 person's finances and assets. Moon person can be instrumental in helping House 2 person create financial security.

    Moon person and House 2 person may share similar values and financial goals as well. If House 2 person is open to Moon person's guidance, they will be able to generate greater abundance.

    Moon person focuses their nurturing in ways that make House 2 person feel secure and safe.

    Moon person may help House 2 person launch a business or may mentor them in business negotiations. Moon person's emotional needs and insecurities are soothed by House 2 person's ability to remain grounded and reliable.

    House 2 person provides a reliable foundation for Moon person to express emotions and nurtures Moon person's dreams and instincts.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 3rd house: How do you communicate your emotions and nurture each others’ ideas?

    Moon person helps House 3 person communicate their emotions and articulate their inner world.

    House 3 person gets in touch with their emotional language and understands their intuition better as a result of their connection to Moon person. Moon person's social nature is stimulated by House 3 person.

    Moon person adds depth to House 3 person's otherwise intellectual focus and House 3 person can help Moon person be more rational and analytical rather than reaction to mood only.

    Moon person can be nurturing and encourages House 3 person to excel in their intellectual pursuits. Moon person may for example help House 3 person nurture a business plan or bring a work of writing to fruition.

    Moon person's instincts also supplement House 3 person's otherwise completely logical focus.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 4th house: How do you fulfill each others’ need for emotional security and belonging?

    Moon person is nurturing and maternal in ways that correspond well to House 4 person's personal longings and needs.

    House 4 person adds depth and security to Moon person's life. Both may feel a strong connection to each other and feel at home with each other even when the relationship is new.

    Moon person can be creative and caring and both feel like family to each other. House 4 person makes Moon person feel welcome and Moon person triggers House 4 person's desire to settle down and create comfort and security at home. Both may seek to create a family together or share a home at some time.

    Moon person can also trigger feelings of sentimentality and nostalgia, helping House 4 person recall what they cherished about their family or home life growing up. Both appreciate each others’ need for privacy and security.

    Moon person can instinctively sense what House 4 person needs in order to feel comfortable and secure and may remind House 4 person of their mother or nurturing figures earlier in life.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 5th house: How do you nurture the playful, youthful aspects of each other?

    Moon person brings emotional connection and nurtures House 5 person's playful side. House 5 person may feel comfortable letting their inner child run free thanks to Moon person's maternal nature.

    Moon person will become more eager to take risks and venture outside their comfort zone thanks to House 5 person's optimism and encouragement.

    Both may be drawn to children or work with young people as part of their relationship. Moon person can instinctually sense what brings House 5 person pleasure and joy. House 5 person can empower and uplift Moon person even when Moon person is going through dark moods.

    Moon person reminds House 5 person of their roots and emotional needs and House 5 person reminds Moon person of the things they once found wonderful and exciting in life.

    Moon person can have shifting moods at times but House 5 person takes these emotional twists and turns in stride, not feeding into Moon person's insecurities but also helping Moon person to not wallow.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 6th house: How do you nurture each others’ health and well being?

    Moon person can sense what direction will help House 6 person be successful in daily work and managing obligations.

    Moon person brings heart and emotional connection to House 6 person's daily mundane lifestyle. Moon person can be nurturing and pays attention to the details that make House 6 person feel secure and happy.

    House 6 person loves to be of service and this helps Moon person feel secure in the relationship. Moon person is emotionally sensitive enough to not take advantage of House 6 person's good nature.

    At the same time House 6 person will go above and beyond to meet Moon person's practical needs while Moon person focuses on nurturing House 6 person's emotional needs.

    Both may bond over a similar sense of mission, love of animals or need for healing. Moon person can be nervous and insecure and House 6 person can help guide Moon person to learn ways to cope with stress and avoid health issues related to anxiety.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 7th house: How do you nurture your connection and partnership?

    Moon person is romantically attracted to House 7 person's beauty and diplomacy. Moon person feels secure letting their guard down because Moon person's compassionate nature shows through.

    Moon person brings emotional nurturing to the relationship. Moon person has an intuitive sense of House 7 person's needs when it comes to romance and love.

    House 7 person helps Moon person feel beautiful and appreciated. House 7 person is also cooperative and allows space for Moon person to express their vulnerability without feeling overburdened or dominated.

    Moon person can help House 7 person get in touch with deeper emotions. As much as House 7 person loves beauty and romance, they also prefer to keep the peace and avoid conflict.

    Moon person is sensitive and will understand House 7 person's need for serenity and harmony. Moon person is fair minded and will understand Moon person's need for emotional security and validation.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 8th house: How do you nurture your sexual connection and potential for deep transformation?

    Moon person brings out House 8 person's instinctual, emotional nature. Moon person is nurturing, caring and emotionally sensitive.

    Their vulnerability helps House 8 person feel needed and House 8 person's direct, intense nature can either make Moon person feel protected and secure or intimidated depending on how House 8 person channels their power in this relationship.

    House 8 person can easily hurt Moon person's feelings without realizing it because they are so intense.

    House 8 person can also help Moon person during times of transformation and Moon person can help House 8 person connect with their own feelings in order to heal on a deeper level.

    Both have a knack for perceiving underlying secrets in each other. For Moon person this is brought about through intuition and through House 8 person this is triggered by keen perception of psychological defenses underlying Moon person's emotions and personality.

    Both have the ability to expose the other’s vulnerability but would do well not to. When conflict arises Moon person is likely to apologize and soothe feelings while House 8 person is likely to hold out and refuse to be the first to surrender.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 9th house: How do you nurture each others’ quests for higher wisdom?

    Moon person brings emotional depth and validation to House 9 person. House 9 person helps Moon person to expand their awareness and explore their spiritual and philosophical nature.

    Moon person helps House 9 person connect with their inner world while House 9 person brings Moon person into closer contact with the outer world including new cultures and belief systems.

    Moon person is perceptive, caring and subtle while House 9 person brings some grandiosity and joviality to the relationship.

    These two can balance each other out well as Moon person can instinctively help House 9 person seek out higher wisdom and connection with other worlds, something House 9 person longs to do.

    Both understand the value of spontaneity and the road less traveled. Moon person creates a feeling of home and security even as House 9 person travels to new lands.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 10th house: How do you nurture each others’ career goals and public image

    Moon person has shrewd instincts that help House 10 person grow and succeed in career.

    Moon person nurtures House 10 person's career. House 10 person's status and ambition bolster Moon person's sense of security and social standing.

    Moon person can help House 10 person embrace change and adapt as House 10 person explores their full potential in career. House 10 person's leadership potential is assisted by Moon person's understanding of how to nurture others.

    House 10 person acts as a leader and mentor for Moon person and can create a firm foundation financially for the relationship. House 10 person helps Moon person to manifest their career goals as well and can act as an inspiration and role mode.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 11th house: How do you nurture each others’ creative, innovative sides?

    Moon person adds emotional connection and nurturing to House 11 person's desire to be a catalyst for progressive change. House 11 person's unique intellectual ideas and outlook intrigue Moon person's intuitive side and draw their interest.

    Though Moon person may not be as rebellious, House 11 person encourages Moon person to follow their instincts and unique vision.

    Moon person's creativity and depth help foster House 11 person's unique vision and activism. House 11 person helps Moon person live on the wild side and set aside their need for caution, temporarily at least.

    Moon person's sensitivity on the other hand can lead to insecurities projected onto House 11 person. House 11 person is independent and free thinking where Moon person needs validation and reassurance.

    It will take patience and understanding for these two to balance out their differences enough so that Moon person feels secure with the relationship and House 11 person doesn’t feel overwhelmed and crowded.

    Synastry Moon in the other person's 12th house: How do you nurture each others’ emotional healing and compassion?

    Moon person brings depth of emotion and greater intuition to House 12 person's spiritual journey. House 12 person helps Moon person put their guard down and completely immerse themselves in this connection.

    House 12 person can provide creativity, escape and idealism to Moon person. Moon person can give House 12 person the level of emotional intimacy they crave.

    House 12 person may lose themselves in this relationship and Moon person's emotional ups and downs can become the focal point for sensitive House 12 person, distracting them from their own needs. As a result codependency can surface in this relationship if these two are not careful of boundaries.

    Moon person can nurture House 12 person's ideals and dreams, showing affection and encouragement for their creative talents and ambitions to succeed as an artist or musician. House 12 person may help Moon person through a process of spiritual initiation and transformation.

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