Synastry Venus in the other person's houses

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    PlanHouse-Venus-House12.jpg Synastry Venus in the other person's 1st house: How is your physical attraction and compassion for each other?

    Venus person and House 1 person feel a comfortable energetic harmony with each other from the beginning.

    Venus person finds House 1 person to be straightforward and transparent which reassures them and prevents jealousy and insecurities. House 1 person finds Venus person to be attractive and is in tune with Venus person's compassionate energy.

    Venus person helps inspire House 1 person's own sense of compassion and love and House 1 person may develop romantic feelings for Venus person. Venus person also inspires House 1 person to enhance their appearance in positive ways, turning on the charm and attraction energy.

    Venus person helps soothe House 1 person's feelings and appeals to House 1 person's need for empathy and understanding.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 2nd house: How do you enrich each others’ lives and share luxury and comfort with each other?

    Venus person is like a magnet helping House 2 person to attract the money and resources they need for a stable foundation.

    Venus person is likely to help bring charm, beauty and harmony into House 2 person's life. Venus person is also likely to help House 2 person remember how to enjoy the fruits of their labor, not just toil for them.

    If House 2 person has any tendencies to hoard, Venus person helps them to let go and share the wealth, becoming more conscientious of others and generous. House 2 person helps Venus person experience stability and comfort.

    Each desire pleasure and and may be attracted to materialistic objects for the beauty and status they represent. Venus person may help House 2 person remember what they truly value, including helping them develop greater self worth.

    House 2 person can help Venus person with practical matters, balancing out their idealism with nurturing on a physical and tangible level.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 3rd house: How do you express your attraction and desire for pleasure and harmony?

    Venus person brings grace and eloquence to House 3 person's communication. House 3 person helps Venus person delve into new interests.

    Venus person teaches House 3 person how to apply compassion to their thought process and act in more conscientious ways toward others rather than getting lost in their own thoughts.

    House 3 person helps Venus person articulate their thoughts and ideas in relationships. Both can help each other to become more assertive without being domineering.

    House 3 person is likely to perceive Venus person as attractive for their mind and knowledge. They may also find Venus person's voice or words irresistible.

    Venus person helps House 3 person create harmony and beauty in their life rather than only considering logic and rationality. Both may share common interests and mutual friendships.

    Venus person may help House 3 person take a break from studying and pay more attention to friendships and relationships and House 3 person introduces Venus person to a much needed change of scenery.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 4th house: How do you help each other attract abundance and security within your home and family lives?

    Venus person is likely to stimulate House 4 person's love of home and family. Venus person may be attractive to House 4 person because they feel secure and nurtured by Venus person's practical yet compassionate nature.

    Venus person may also remind House 4 person of a kind caregiver from their childhood.

    House 4 person helps Venus person feel at home. Both are likely to feel emotionally connected to each other and feel a sense of security as if they are family to each other.

    Whether or not this is a romance it is also a relationship where both Venus person and House 4 person can really explore their private lives together and be themselves.

    House 4 person knows Venus person is kind and caring enough to accept them without judgment. Venus person knows that House 4 person will treat them with patience and tenderness.

    Venus person may help House 4 person tap into their interests in art in order to beautify their home space. House 4 person provides roots for Venus person to feel grounded.

    Both are likely to enjoy nostalgia and being around family and children or creating a family of their own.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 5th house: How do you express your creative, romantic, sensual sides?

    Venus person brings flirtation, attraction and romance to House 5 person.

    This couple may have a casual affair filled with sensuality and pleasure seeking. House 5 person loves to enjoy Venus person's company and thinks life should be a game and not a chore.

    Venus person is attracted to House 5 person's carefree, confident and enthusiastic nature. House 5 person finds Venus person physically attractive and is likely to also enjoy their compassionate, sensitive nature.

    Both may be romantically attracted to each other and may pursue this relationship as an affair or physical relationship before becoming emotionally attached and serious about commitment.

    House 5 person helps Venus person open up to risks and adventure. Venus person helps bring compassion and nurturing to House 5 person's life.

    Although these two can enjoy good times together they are also likely to lean toward excess and opulence. Venus person likes to enjoy the comforts that money can buy.

    House 5 person likes to use wealth and material objects to show status. Both may overindulge in food, alcohol, or spending, trying to pursue what makes them feel good.

    Although Venus person has some practical leanings, frugality is likely to go out the window because House 5 person will convince them the party should never stop.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 6th house: How do you bring beauty and attraction to your mundane tasks and daily work routines?

    Venus person brings beauty and charm to House 6 person's daily routines. House 6 person is practical, down to earth and analytical and this helps Venus person to not get carried away in fantasies of how things should be.

    Both can work together to make their ideals and dreams a reality as Venus person brings attraction power while House 6 person brings perseverance and hard work to the relationship.

    Venus person is compassionate and can inspire House 6 person's desire to be of service to others.

    Venus person may help influence House 6 person to take better care of their health and understand their value and the value of their skills and work.

    House 6 person can help ground Venus person on their own path, providing an anchor to mundane routines and habits that can help advance Venus person's work.

    Venus person prefers to focus on what brings them pleasure and House 6 person can be of service to Venus person by reminding them of the need to balance fun and work, though Venus person may perceive this as criticism or ruining their good mood.

    Venus person is likely to be optimistic to balance out House 6 person's cynicism and House 6 person is detail oriented enough to cover the plans that Venus person overlooks.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 7th house: How do you bring beauty and harmony to your partnership?

    This couple is likely to feel a natural affinity for each other. Venus person awakens House 7 person's feelings of love and romance.

    House 7 person perceives Venus person as beautiful, compassionate and caring. This couple is likely to have deep empathy for each other.

    House 7 person makes Venus person feel understood. Venus person calms House 7 person's feelings and this is likely to be a harmonious relationship.

    It is likely that this couple will develop a romantic connection or at the very least have deep admiration and fondness for each other.

    Each is likely to see the other’s value as a person and as a complement to their own strengths. House 7 person and Venus person both desire balance, harmony and love.

    If too similar in personality they may not be able to anchor each other enough to avoid complacency in the relationship.

    Generally however there will be an emotional connection that each will cherish and want to preserve.

    Both show love and affection to each other and may help each other have greater compassion.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 8th house: How do you blend power, attraction, love and sexuality?

    Venus person brings sensuality and beauty to this relationship and helps House 8 person feel empowered and attractive. House 8 person brings intensity and passion. There can be a connection through love, yet sexuality is likely to feature prominently.

    House 8 person may become obsessed with Venus person and both may project insecurities onto each other creating manipulation and mind games rather than being straightforward about their feelings.

    House 8 person can help Venus person work through significant life changing transitions. House 8 person is able to peer into Venus person's mind and has an intuitive understanding of what they need to heal.

    At the same time, Venus person has the same level of intuition when it comes to understanding House 8 person's emotions and need for compassion.

    Venus person may serve as a catalyst for House 8 person acquiring abundance as House 8 person serves as a catalyst for Venus person's personal rebirth and transformation.

    Both should be mindful to avoid the temptation to control each other through projection of jealousies and insecurities.

    Instead Venus person can learn from House 8 person's sense of confidence and power and House 8 person can learn from Venus person's empathic nature.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 9th house: How do you help each other show compassion for new people and understand new cultures?

    Venus person believes in House 9 person's big dreams and this further boosts House 9 person's confidence and desire to make their dreams a reality.

    House 9 person helps Venus person break down barriers and expand their perspective. Venus person nurtures House 9 person's love of humanity.

    Both are pleasure seekers who enjoy comfort, luxury and sensuality. Venus person may tempt House 9 person to break their diet and budget but they will both have a good time.

    House 9 person may introduce Venus person to new worlds through travel or advanced learning or both. House 9 person helps Venus person tap into their higher wisdom and explore different spiritual or mystical belief systems.

    Venus person brings compassion and tenderness to House 9 person's crusade for humanitarian causes. Both have a strong sense of social responsibility and concern for others.

    House 9 person may amplify Venus person's creative, artistic gifts. Venus person enhances House 9 person's ability to manifest what they desire.

    Though both may seem fortunate especially in finances, this combination will have to watch their spending. House 9 person loves to do everything on a grand scale and Venus person loves luxury and pampering.

    These two can share their optimism, confidence and love of beauty, adding romance and harmony to each other’s lives while exploring the world.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 10th house: How do you help each other achieve career security and success?

    Venus person stimulates House 10 person's ability to attract the resources they need to expand their career.

    Venus person may add status, charm or beauty to the relationship in ways that amplify House 10 person's potential for success in career and public life.

    Venus person appreciates House 10 person's hard working nature and is drawn to their ambitious side.

    Venus person also nurtures House 10 person's career goals and may prove to be an influential connection or facilitator for their career success.

    Venus person reminds House 10 person of the importance of networking for business success. House 10 person helps Venus person find stability and security. House 10 person is also likely to help Venus person's public image and status in some way.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 11th house: How do you use your intelligence and innovation to create harmony in each others’ lives?

    Venus person stimulates House 11 person's compassion and love of humanity and may encourage them to nurture their many social connections.

    Even though House 11 person may be independent, Venus person is able to keep their attention because of their charm and light heartedness.

    Venus person helps House 11 person see the world in optimistic ways, reconnecting House 11 person with their philanthropic nature.

    House 11 person may get stuck in intellectual pursuits yet tends to rationalize emotions and love. Venus person helps them connect with people on an emotional basis, not just consider them as theoretical beings to be studied or assisted.

    House 11 person helps expand Venus person's mind and introduces them to new ideas. Venus person doesn’t like controversy most of the time yet House 11 person has a way of channeling rebellious energy for the good of others that is attractive to Venus person.

    Synastry Venus in the other person's 12th house: How does compassion, affection and harmony help you become more spiritual?

    Venus person and House 12 person may feel an otherworldly connection, as if they are ‘soul mates’ who met in another lifetime. Venus person stimulates House 12 person's love of beauty and idealism. Both are compassionate and highly empathic.

    House 12 person can help reconnect Venus person with their mystical, spiritual side. Venus person helps nurture House 12 person through healing their emotional wounds by loving them unconditionally.

    Both can get lost in romance and the desire to escape into pleasure seeking if not careful. House 12 person may struggle with addictions which trigger Venus person's empathy and desire to heal.

    House 12 person may also become a martyr in the relationship, losing themselves while trying to please Venus person.

    Both are highly sensitive and House 12 person may feel so strongly about Venus person that they become confused and rather than articulating their feelings, they retreat into imagination.

    Both can be creative and will do well to channel their artistic talents together.

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