Synastry Mars in the other person's houses

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    PlanHouse-Mars-House12.jpg Synastry Mars in the other person's 1st house: How do you incite passion and motivation in each other?

    House 1 person becomes more motivated to act on their ideas and plans thanks to Mars person's influence in their life. Mars person's confidence and courage impress House 1 person and stimulate them to embody these traits as well.

    Mars person brings excitement to the relationship and may light a fire under House 1 person and help them take measures to work toward changes and initiatives they had been procrastinating.

    House 1 person sees Mars person as passionate and intense at times. Mars person helps House 1 person focus on their goals and persevere regardless of limitation. House 1 person may also find Mars person sexually attractive.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 2nd house: How do you take action to benefit each other’s sense of security and protect each others’ finances?

    Mars person is focused on adding energy and optimism to House 2 person's life, especially where finances are concerned.

    House 2 person may look to Mars person to help safeguard what they value most. Mars person may motivate House 2 person to act decisively toward a financial goal.

    House 2 person may feel more focused with Mars person around. Mars person brings courage and enthusiasm to act on their ambition. House 2 person may help Mars person financially as well. Mars person's beliefs and values may be influenced by House 2 person.

    Mars person is direct and may help lead House 2 person to building greater security and foundation in their life. House 2 person is grounded and practical and can help Mars person to slow down and exercise caution.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 3rd house: How do you express your strong opinions and passions?

    Mars person brings focus and intensity to House 3 person's mindset. House 3 person gains clarity and initiative, finding it easier to articulate their ideas and implement their goals with Mars person's help.

    Mars person can arouse House 3 person's passions and influence their thinking to become obsessive or zealous.

    Mars person may bring out House 3 person's fears and as a result House 3 person may think and speak in passionate, defensive terms when Mars person is around.

    Mars person can get fixated on subjects of interest and while their enthusiasm can be contagious, House 3 person can also help Mars person to remain mentally flexible.

    House 3 person is likely to be the diplomat of this pair, Mars person helps House 3 person remain on point and avoid distractions. This relationship can be mentally stimulating for both Mars person and House 3 person.

    Mars person can give House 3 person the confidence to take risks and think In different ways. House 3 person can help Mars person apply logic and reason to their plan before jumping into action.

    Mars person can be impulsive though they may also help House 3 person avoid procrastination.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 4th house: How do you express your passion and protective instincts when it comes to home and family?

    Mars person activates House 4 person's desire for home and family. House 4 person provides security for Mars person, making them feel accepted and loved unconditionally.

    Mars person is likely to be protective of House 4 person, acting like a guardian over House 4 person's private life. Mars person may become intensely attached and House 4 person may look to Mars person for confidence and encouragement.

    These two can become intensely private. Mars person is outgoing where House 4 person is a homebody but Mars person also comes to appreciate the serenity of home thanks to House 4 person.

    Mars person may act as a leader in this relationship and if not careful can be dominating over House 4 person.

    Mars person may bring play the role of advocate for House 4 person especially when it comes to protecting home and family.

    They may even become territorial and power struggles can ensue if House 4 person tries to challenge Mars person's natural tendency to lead the way.

    Mars person can help House 4 person take risks and make changes regarding family relationships and home life. House 4 person can help soften some of Mars person's edges and nurture their need for stability.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 5th house: How do you bring invigorating passion and romance into each others’ lives?

    This pair becomes stimulated by a love of fun, games and competition. Mars person brings the energy of intense focus and perseverance into the realm of recreation for this relationship.

    Both may come to enjoy sports and recreation that involves challenges and tests of strength.

    Mars person can inspire House 5 person to pursue a new athletic activity or to become active in new ways in general. House 5 person helps Mars person enjoy the process of proving their strength and playing the Hero.

    Both may be drawn to working with children and Mars person helps re-energize House 5 person. House 5 person brings new optimism to Mars person.

    This couple can become impulsive, seeking pleasure without thinking of consequences. Spending sprees or risky choices can be a hallmark of this relationship.

    House 5 person may be sexually attracted to Mars person and there may be an exciting, passionate affair between this pair.

    Mars person may also feel jealous of others around House 5 person as House 5 person likes to be carefree and playful and may become flirtatious with others.

    Accidents or injuries are possible if this couple gives in to their urges to pursue pleasure in spontaneous and risky ways.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 6th house: How do you bring passion and motivation to your lifestyle and daily routines?

    Mars person may influence House 6 person to begin a new athletic exercise routine. House 6 person is methodical and patient where Mars person is intense and impulsive.

    Mars person may help House 6 person take risks and find their courage especially when dealing with day to day issues.

    Mars person may bring strength and determination to House 6 person, helping them to focus and tend to mundane details.

    House 6 person may help Mars person slow down and become more health conscious. Mars person is courageous and House 6 person loves to be of service to others.

    Together they may pursue routines that benefit the community and demonstrate personal courage and integrity like volunteering in a rescue or emergency response unit.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 7th house: How do you express passion in your partnership?

    Mars person brings passion, focus and determination to House 7 person, especially when it comes to love and relationships.

    Mars person can teach House 7 person valuable lessons about boundaries and assertiveness. Either by protecting and advocating for them or by being a catalyst for House 7 person to have to assert themselves.

    House 7 person helps show Mars person how to collaborate and focus on something other than their own ambition. House 7 person is drawn to Mars person's sexual energy and passion. Mars person is drawn to House 7 person's vulnerability and compassion.

    This couple can teach each other about balance, collaboration and sensuality. Mars person may become jealous easily and House 7 person may feel turned off at times by Mars person's tendencies to be dominating.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 8th house: How do you handle power and passion in this relationship?

    Mars person and House 8 person teach each other valuable lessons about personal power.

    House 8 person helps Mars person by being a catalyst for personal transformation. Mars person may be a disruptive force at first, yet is ultimately showing House 8 person how to advocate for what is important to them.

    If this relationship becomes sexual it can be easy to confuse love and attraction with arousal physical attraction.

    This couple may experience control issues and power struggles. Even with good intentions they may try to control each other if not careful.

    Mars person is drawn to House 8 person's magnetic energy and intensity. House 8 person is attracted to Mars person's confidence and sexual energy.

    Mars person may have lessons to teach House 8 person about protecting shared assets and a dispute over ownership or assets may be a feature of this relationship at some point.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 9th house: How do you help each other seek truth and understanding by expanding your awareness?

    Mars person brings focus and energy to House 9 person's ideals and larger goals. Mars person is determined where House 9 person is optimistic.

    House 9 person helps Mars person widen their focus and think in more abstract terms. Mars person may help House 9 person take action toward goals of travel or higher education.

    House 9 person can inspire Mars person's spiritual beliefs and philosophy. Mars person may become zealous about matters of progressive social change, religion or other ideas as a result of House 9 person's influence.

    As a couple, they may have opportunities to experience different cultures and visit foreign lands. House 9 person can bring the energy of good fortune to this relationship and Mars person helps House 9 person follow through with their many grandiose plans.

    This couple can also use their shared focus to contribute to progressive projects and humanitarian goals. House 9 person may influence Mars person to use their energy to pursue a career as an advocate or lawyer.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 10th house: How do you help stir each others’ passions to achieve in career?

    Mars person brings passion and perseverance to House 10 person's career path. Mars person may act as a catalyst for growth and assertiveness for House 10 person.

    Even when conflicts exists between these two, House 10 person has the potential to learn ways to improve their public image and career as a result of Mars person's influence.

    Mars person can see an elevation in their status as a result of their connection to Mars person. This couple may compete for power or prestige, or may face competition for career growth from each other.

    Mars person may be the unsung hero of House 10 person's career or may be an influential figure who helps Mars person find their leadership potential.

    Mars person may stimulate House 10 person's career growth but also may try to race against them, trying to reach the top of the career ladder.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 11th house: How do you help each other harness motivation and focus?

    Mars person brings energy and enthusiasm to House 11 person, motivating them to balance personal ambition with contributions to society and community.

    House 11 person may be influential in introducing Mars person to new people and expanding Mars person's social network.

    House 11 person's connections can help promote Mars person's ambitions and personal goals. Mars person can help House 11 person to be more assertive in their social life.

    This couple can compete with each other for recognition when it comes to ideas and intelligence. Mars person helps House 11 person focus rather than getting lost in their numerous interests.

    House 11 person's rebellious nature combined with Mars person's impulsivity can lead this couple to spar with each other and also to shock and disrupt their community at times.

    Synastry Mars in the other person's 12th house: How do you help each other focus on your spiritual connection?

    Mars person helps House 12 person become clear where they had previously felt foggy and confused. House 12 person helps Mars person get in touch with their emotional, intuitive nature.

    Mars person can bring focus and stimulation to House 12 person, prompting them to act with greater assertiveness and courage.

    Mars person helps House 12 person channel their determination and may inspire them toward interest in athletics that connect mind and body such as martial arts.

    House 12 person helps connect Mars person to their mystical, spiritual side and can help them to slow down and become more empathic.

    Mars person can help House 12 person set boundaries with others. House 12 person may become passive at times, waiting for Mars person to take the lead. Mars person can also become protective over House 12 person, sensing their vulnerability.

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