Synastry Jupiter in the other person's houses

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    PlanHouse-Jupiter-House12.jpg Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 1st house: How do you uplift each other and expand each others’ horizons?

    Jupiter person helps House 1 person find their confidence and embody their dreams through outward personality. House 1 person is transparent to Jupiter person and this helps Jupiter person feel like they have always known House 1 person.

    House 1 person finds inspiration in Jupiter person. Jupiter person helps House 1 person believe in their dreams and connect with their own optimism.

    Through a shared love of pleasure seeking and enjoying the good things in life, House 1 person may end up gaining weight or at least struggle to stick to a diet when Jupiter person is around.

    Jupiter person helps House 1 person see their highest potential and may even see them differently than House 1 person can see themselves.

    House 1 person finds encouragement and new perspective from Jupiter person. Jupiter person finds a channel for their wisdom and leadership abilities in House 1 person.


    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 2nd house: How do you bring idealism and luck to finances in a way that creates stability for each other?

    Jupiter person has a paradoxical impact on House 2 person's finances. On the one hand, Jupiter person can contribute to House 2 person's abundance and financial security.

    On the other hand, it is just as likely that House 2 person will splurge and money will burn a hole in their pocket when influenced by Jupiter person.

    Jupiter person can bring fortunate twists and turns into House 2 person's life leading to abundance and amplifying their net worth.

    Though the desire to live in luxury can also strike when Jupiter person is around, tempting House 2 person to lose restraint where finances are concerned and get carried away seeking pleasure and luxury.

    Generally, though this partnership will amplify House 2 person's sense of self worth as well as helping them increase their financial stability.

    House 2 person can also help Jupiter person to become more grounded and practical when it comes to financial matters, reigning in their idealism just enough to help them manifest their dreams.

    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 3rd house: How do you expand each others’ thinking and inspire each others’ dreams?

    Jupiter person helps House 3 person expand their mind.

    Jupiter person adds idealism and optimism to House 3 person's world view.

    Jupiter person may teach House 3 person valuable lessons about spirituality or arouse their interest in metaphysical topics.

    House 3 person helps Jupiter person to share their message of wisdom with others through teaching or writing opportunities. House 3 person may also help Jupiter person expand their social network as well as their audience.

    Jupiter person helps uplift and encourage House 3 person, and can nurture House 3 person's humanitarian and philosophical interests. This is an intellectual and spiritually based relationship that offers each expansion and wisdom.

    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 4th house: How do you expand each others’ inner worlds and inspire each other’s confidence?

    Jupiter person helps House 4 person expand their family and possibly their home. House 4 person is reminded of their ideals and full potential in regard to having a family or leading a household. Jupiter person may inspire House 4 person to upgrade or change their home.

    House 4 person helps Jupiter person to feel secure and nurtured. Jupiter person is reminded of important lessons regarding heritage, family and roots thanks to House 4 person.

    Jupiter person may act as a benevolent father figure and provider, helping House 4 person to acquire assets or wealth or inspiring them to achieve dreams they have had since childhood.

    Jupiter person helps House 4 person connect with their higher mission through connection with heritage, roots and family. House 4 person may expand their view of religion and spirituality and awaken a concern for society and humanity thanks to Jupiter person's influence.

    House 4 person may also alter their home or family relationships after Jupiter person triggers interests in unique cultures or different religious beliefs.

    Jupiter person may also trigger House 4 person to create a larger family or open their home to extended family.

    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 5th house: How do you expand each others’ playful, romantic, creative interests?

    Jupiter person amplifies House 5 person's creative talents and triggers their interest in recreational pursuits. Jupiter person reminds House 5 person how to enjoy life and seek pleasure through travels and experiences that expand their mind.

    This pair loves to enjoy the finer things in life and as a result any attempted restraint to diet or budget can be challenging. Jupiter person encourages House 5 person to live life to the fullest. House 5 person brings out Jupiter person's playful side.

    Both may be drawn to connecting with children and young people and House 5 person brings out Jupiter person's inner child. Jupiter person is benevolent and optimistic, helping House 5 person to see the bigger picture.

    When it is time to focus on practical matters, it will be difficult for this couple to ground themselves as they may get carried away pursuing pleasure. Jupiter person is likely to charm House 5 person and House 5 person is likely to help Jupiter person enjoy luxury and opulence.

    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 6th house: How do you expand your awareness and tend to daily routines?

    Jupiter person helps House 6 person remember that there is more to life than drudgery and work. Jupiter person is charming and confident and helps inspire House 6 person's larger dreams for success.

    House 6 person on the other hand, helps Jupiter person remain anchored to practical matters necessary so that Jupiter person can realize their dreams.

    As a team, this pair can help each other manifest resources important to serving the community and fulfilling their shared work. Both are likely to be driven by a strong mission.

    For Jupiter person the mission relates to humanitarian causes and justice or innovation and healing. For House 6 person the mission is also likely to include healing as well as being of service to others.

    House 6 person helps Jupiter person remember humility while Jupiter person helps House 6 person to see their strengths and potential.

    House 6 person's attention to detail and tendencies to worry can potentially weigh on Jupiter person who prefers to be optimistic and carefree. Jupiter person is usually able to take things in stride due to their positive outlook, however.

    Jupiter person may introduce House 6 person to important connections through their daily interactions which help House 6 person reach their work goals. Jupiter person may also encourage House 6 person to balance work and play.

    House 6 person can help Jupiter person to monitor their health with more caution as Jupiter person is likely to seek pleasure through overindulgence. Fortunately House 6 person is good at exercising restraint and moderation and can potentially role model this for Jupiter person.

    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 7th house: How do you uplift each other and help each other expand your minds?

    Jupiter person amplifies House 7 person's attraction energy. House 7 person is likely to see Jupiter person as charming, lighthearted and generous.

    Jupiter person is likely to admire House 7 person's compassion and romantic nature. Both are drawn to pleasure seeking. Jupiter person may help House 7 person develop more confidence.

    House 7 person may also be inspired by Jupiter person to bring their compassion for humanity out into the community through involvement in philanthropic efforts.

    Jupiter person's optimism helps House 7 person process the emotional ups and downs resulting from House 7 person's high level of empathy.

    As a pair this couple can find ways to enrich each other’s lives as Jupiter person brings out House 7 person's energy of good fortune and abundance. Both can also work together to uplift others and contribute to social causes.

    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 8th house: How do you expand and enhance each others’ power in this relationship?

    Jupiter person inspires House 8 person's confidence and helps them wield their personal power in a diplomatic way. House 8 person helps Jupiter person see beneath the surface and uncover deep truths.

    While House 8 person helps Jupiter person probe into the deeper layers of their consciousness, Jupiter person helps House 8 person expand their consciousness.

    Jupiter person helps House 8 person reach beyond limitations of their beliefs and experiences. Jupiter person may challenge House 8 person to experience new things and see the world in a different way.

    Jupiter person stimulates House 8 person's optimism and benevolence. House 8 person helps Jupiter person undergo personal transformation.

    Both may be concerned with power and status. Jupiter person helps House 8 person discover how to exert influence over others. House 8 person helps Jupiter person to show their confident side.

    Jupiter person may also help House 8 person expand their influence and personal power. House 8 person helps Jupiter person delve into their subconscious, healing and releasing anything blocking them from success.

    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 9th house: How do you help each other strive for higher wisdom and understanding and enhance each others’ spirituality?

    Jupiter person and House 9 person have a mutual attraction to each other with this placement.

    Jupiter person is drawn to House 9 person's hunger for higher wisdom and may trigger House 9 person to pursue advanced education or study spirituality, law, or philosophy.

    House 9 person is drawn to Jupiter person's enthusiasm and grandiose vision. Jupiter person's generous, jovial nature helps House 9 person see their full potential. Jupiter person can help House 9 person advance their ambitions and expand their mental and spiritual horizons.

    Both can help generate a shared interest in metaphysical studies and may encourage each other to grow spiritually. Jupiter person can awaken House 9 person to different philosophical views that prove to be instrumental to helping House 9 person's personal evolution.

    Jupiter person is likely to usher in lucky twists and turns in both of their lives. House 9 person and Jupiter person may travel to foreign countries together or venture into the studies of different cultural traditions.

    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 10th house: How do you help each other advance and expand in career?

    Jupiter person helps stimulate House 10 person's ambition. Jupiter person may assist House 10 person through advancement in career and status.

    Jupiter person inspires House 10 person's vision and ideals, believing in House 10 person's highest potential. House 10 person may have resources and status that help Jupiter person build a reputation for leadership in career.

    When this pair works together, productivity in business can be amplified. Status and recognition are likely. This pair may dazzle others as public figures. It is also likely that others will perceive this couple as dazzling and lucky.

    Jupiter person and House 10 person can also team up to expand business overseas or to explore career opportunities requiring travel.

    Both encourage public success for each other. House 10 person helps ground Jupiter person through their practical energy, making sure Jupiter person doesn’t get lost in their own dreams.

    Jupiter person makes sure House 10 person doesn’t get trapped in efficiency and productivity but also takes the time to view the big picture and enjoy life.

    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 11th house: How do you help each other advance humanitarian goals?

    Jupiter person expands House 11 person's social connections and can help inspire their confidence and potential as leader of groups or committees.

    House 11 person expands Jupiter person's mind, introducing them to radical new ideas, technologies and social issues.

    This pair may collaborate successfully on social change campaigns. It is also possible for Jupiter person to help stimulate House 11 person's desire to learn more about the fields of science, technology, and metaphysics.

    Both are humanitarians. Jupiter person is optimistic and generous where House 11 person can be radical and shocking. House 11 person's rebellious side intrigues Jupiter person who sees disruption as opportunity for growth.

    Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 12th house: How do you help uplift and expand each other in pursuit of emotional healing?

    Jupiter person and House 12 person can connect on a spiritual level. Jupiter person's optimism and confidence help House 12 person overcome some of their intense emotional lows.

    House 12 person can help Jupiter person connect with their own emotions and empathy. Jupiter person feels loved and admired by House 12 person. House 12 person is likely to feel encouraged because of Jupiter person's enthusiasm and idealism.

    Jupiter person can help stimulate House 12 person's creativity and artistic dreams. House 12 person will appreciate Jupiter person's open mindedness and social consciousness. Jupiter person will likely be attracted to House 12 person's romantic and compassionate nature.

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