Earth and Water as the most important elements in a birth chart

By 12andus

Elements-EW.jpg Elements combination: Earth Water

Dominant Earth, Water, No Air, No Fire

Dominant Earth element in your chart gives you a practical, grounded personality. You are interested in creating security and abiding by traditions and can be resistant to change and controversy. You prefer routines, structures and orderliness. Generating wealth and creating financial security is a priority for you and you love to make other people feel comfortable and secure as well.

Emotional security can be just as important to you because Water is your next most prevalent element. You are intuitive, emotional and sensitive and nurture others in an emotional and romantic way in addition to practicality.

Your Water element helps give fluidity and adaptability to your otherwise grounded personality. Relationships and family are important to you and you are protective of those you love.

The absence of Air limits your communication style. You are concrete and think in black and white terms. Philosophy and abstract ideas have little value to you. You don’t see the purpose in thinking just for the sake of exploring the intellect. Everything must have a purpose as far as you are concerned. It can be difficult for you to embrace change as well.

The absence of Fire in your chart can make it difficult to assert your will and focus your energy. You are patient yet you may also procrastinate, waiting for the ideal opportunity to act even if it means letting numerous chances pass you by.

You are slow to anger and prefer to avoid conflict than to debate or rock the boat. You don’t like controversy and would rather maintain the status quo than challenge conventions. You are not easily excitable and may appear to lack passion. You may have creative ideas but hesitate to act on them because practical considerations take precedence over creativity for you. You are not inclined to take risks and resist change as much as possible. You may also talk yourself out of opportunities because of fear of the unknown.

When situations become challenging you respond with stoicism. You stay the course even if it is not effective. You are less likely to face the challenges head on or advocate on your own behalf and you may become stagnant or stuck rather than exerting more energy or finding a different solution to your problems.

You will dig in your heels and wait for the world to conform to you rather than adapting or fighting back. You don’t like to be around people who are intense, angry or domineering as you can feel intimidated by expressions of powerful energy. Keeping the peace is more important to you than exposing the truth and so you may enable others in relationships rather than confront them.

You prefer a slow pace and tend to not be athletic or to challenge yourself physically through sports. Your health is important to you though you don’t like to feel uncomfortable and have no interest in challenging yourself or testing your strength. You are loyal and will not leave a relationship or work setting as long as you have the option to hold on.

Rarity of this elements combination: Very Rare

Elements combination: Earth Water Air

Dominant Earth, Secondary Water, Tertiary Air, No Fire

Your elemental profile begins with Earth and therefore you are grounded, reliable and concerned about security. You are practical and focused on career. Money and valuables are important to you. You may value tradition because repetition is a source of security for you. You love to feel rooted and want others to be as dependable as you are. If your circumstances change it makes you feel threatened.

You are nurturing in practical ways thanks to dominant Earth and Water secondary element adds to your nurturing energy. You want to both ensure the comfort and security of others and tend to their emotional well being as well.

You can be highly sensitive and intuitive though you conceal it behind an exterior that is solid and often stoic. Relationships are important to you even though you seem to be focused on career. This is because you see career not as a way to gain glory and recognition for yourself but as a means to provide security and stability for your family.

Your tertiary Air element influences you by providing intellect, creativity and mental flexibility. You are a good communicator and though you may need to settle your nerves and soothe your own emotions first you can actually come to rational and reasonable conclusions and act diplomatically in relationships.

You are intelligent though you tend to trust your senses and intuition before you trust academic information. The presence of Air in your chart brings some flexibility to your perspective which helps you to balance your strong Earth elemental disposition.

The lack of Fire in your chart can make it difficult for you to assert your will. You may feel strongly about certain situations though you won’t go out of your way to challenge conventions and you try to avoid conflict. You may freeze and become stoic and silent rather than voice your opinion when you disagree with others.

You may also seem slow to motivate. You are cautious and don’t like to be pushed into any decision. You don’t act impulsively either and would prefer to carefully evaluate all of your options before committing to any kind of changes.

You aren’t easily angered though you can let your resentments simmer on low because Earth causes you to hang on to every detail. You observe and may not speak up in the moment but you can store away old hurts and hold onto grudges if not careful.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Earth Water Fire

Dominant Earth, Secondary Water, Tertiary Fire, No Air

Your dominant element is Earth and this gives you a practical, grounded and conservative nature. You are sensual and detail oriented. You may be sensitive to your body’s wisdom and pick up on cues about what food you need or when you are sick. You keep an eye on the needs of others and try to make sure everyone is comfortable and cared for.

You can be reliable and consistent and you value tradition. Abundance, work and money are also important to you. You tend to be meticulous with regards to organizing your space and keeping track of your resources. You are also hard working and see work and money as part of being secure.

Your secondary element is Water. You are emotionally nurturing, compassionate and caring. You can be intuitive and sensitive to the feelings of others. Your feelings are easily hurt and even though you maintain a stoic exterior you tend to hold on to old wounds or perceived slights.

Your earthy exterior also helps you to level out your perceptions so that you don’t jump to conclusions when it comes to reacting to your sometimes intense feelings.

Fire is your third most prevalent element. You are intense, passionate and focused though you can easily balance these tendencies with your patient, earthy nature. When you need to, you can draw on your fiery energy for confidence and focus.

The combination of Earth backed up by fire can add passion and motivation to your solid personality and as a result you can be a strong but compassionate leader.

Air is absent from your chart and this impacts your communication style, how you derive intelligence and how adaptable you are to change. You may be highly intelligent but academic learning and logic are not of primary importance to you.

You have an instinctual wisdom that doesn’t always show in academic settings. You instinctively know what you need to know and usually don’t go out of your way to research facts, analyze data or try to get more information on subject you don’t absolutely need to know more about. You may consider it a waste of time to seek multiple perspectives or read more about something you already know about.

You can be slow to adapt to changes and resistant to trying new things unless you have exhausted all comfortable options.

You likely communicate in concrete terms and avoid philosophy and abstract concepts. You are candid and straightforward.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Earth Water Air Fire

Earth is your dominant element and your main focus is to create stability. Your career is usually your main vehicle to establish the stability you crave. You may know at a young age, what career you want to pursue, or constantly invest in your career.

You value tradition and try to learn from the past. You may feel validated by your career status or financial standing. You can be practical, patient and hard working. You cover all the details and think of every mundane aspect of your decisions.

You can be cautious and slow moving but once you have your mind made up, nothing will sway you and you can become obstinate.

Water is your secondary element. You are compassionate, nurturing and emotional. You are driven not only by the desire for practical security and comfort but also for emotional validation and connection. You are empathic and intuitive as well. Relationships, family and love are of great importance to you and you strive to create stability not just for yourself but for others as well.

Your emotional nature helps to soften and potentially bring adaptability to, your obstinate and stubborn earthy side.

Air is your third prevalent element. You can tap into your intellectual side and potentially take various perspectives in order to weigh your options, but typically you draw your ideas from your senses and inner wisdom. You can be social, diplomatic and an excellent communicator.

You may have to work through life challenges before you really appreciate your intellectual side or come to appreciate the value of research and academic information as opposed to gut instinct and conventional wisdom.

You can benefit from diversity and new experiences but it is not easy for you to readily embrace change. You may have to go through various rounds of trial and error, attempting to do things based on instinct and assumptions before you are willing to take a mindful approach and research your options in greater detail.

The least prevalent element in your chart is Fire. You are able to find courage and stamina though you prefer to be slow moving and cautious. When you need to, or when all other options aren’t working, you can summon your passion and become direct, assertive, confident and obsessive in your pursuit of your goals.

You don’t typically like confrontation but you will challenge others when issues at hand are of enough importance or trigger your emotional responses. You may have to learn through life experiences to tap in to your passionate side and feel confident enough to stand your ground when conflicts arise. You may also have to learn to discern when and how to pour your energy into tasks without burning yourself out or getting easily distracted.

You are typically slow to anger as you try to reason and consider other peoples’ feelings before making judgments. Your anger may simmer over a long period of time before you express it in any direct ways. If you learn to be more assertive you will find that most problems can be resolved easier than you thought.

You can also cover more ground by tapping in to your fiery side for motivation and courage to act on your ideas, as you tend to procrastinate waiting for the perfect moment to put your ideas into action.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

Elements combination: Earth Water Fire Air

Earth is your dominant element. You approach life like the CEO of a business and even your personal decisions are given similar consideration to the decisions made when one runs a business. You are objective, practical, patient and can be detail oriented.

You tend to be stoic and try to hide your emotions. You are also concerned with security and comfort. You want to make sure that your roots and foundation are solid and view this as key to providing for others.

You value the past, tradition and hard work. You are likely to be career focused and may have known what type of work you wanted to do even at a young age. If you were exposed to hardship, you view it as adding to your strength of character and you seldom complain about difficulties.

If there is something that you find intolerable it is being forced to try new things or forced to surrender control to others. You feel insecure when your routines and rituals are interrupted or disrupted and are very much a creature of habit.

Water is your secondary element and like earth, is a nurturing force. You can empathize with others and connect emotionally though you prefer to not show your own vulnerability. You may be attracted to careers in healing, therapy, real estate or careers involving home, children and families.

You may also run your own business at some point. Your relationships and family are important to you though you focus on career and money as a means of providing stability for your loved ones.

You can be empathic and may react to your strong emotional impulses by detaching yourself from intimacy, setting firm boundaries or focusing on work, thanks to dominant earth energy.

Water can help soften your hard exterior however and you may also learn to compromise and find emotional security in allowing the support of others and greater intimacy in your relationships, though this can be a life lesson that evolves over time.

Fire is your third prevalent element and gives you the ability to be focused, passionate, direct and assertive. It is not your most familiar energy but you can either learn to embrace this side of yourself through evolving and learning life lessons or you can tap in to this energy when you need to.

You have the potential to be a leader and to be an agent for change and dynamic growth but you prefer to maintain the status quo. You can also potentially become passionate about pursuing your ambitions and can overcome challenges because of the perseverance and determination from this element.

In order to harness these qualities, however, you need to work on overcoming your desire for security that can lead to stagnation or procrastination and inaction.

Air is the least prevalent element in your chart. You have the potential to be intellectual, flexible, creative and adaptable yet you prefer to operate on autopilot, repeating the past and maintaining tradition. Once in a while you may question the purpose of traditions or structures which you take for granted, and when you do you may come to the conclusion that certain institutions and aspects of your life are not needed or even limiting

You may or may not summon the creativity and courage to make changes as you are not comfortable with change. You may also use your creativity to envision new ways of doing things, but plans will only lead to action if you work with the fire element as well.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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