Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Aries and Sun in the houses

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    Driven by ambition and determined to succeed, you are bold and courageous in your approach to life. You are true to yourself and have no problem showing your strengths to the world. You are confident and typically have a strong sense of yourself though you are also optimistic and can be generous toward others.

    With Sun in Aries and Aries Ascendant, and the Sun being in the first house, you shout to the world through a megaphone so that it is clear as the light of day who you are and what you stand for. When you process information, or communicate with others everything is filtered through your unique lens.

    As a result you may have difficulties putting yourself in others’ shoes until you have personally experienced a situation. Others may assume you are self centered and this is not accurate. The reality is you understand situations better when you can see yourself in them. If you can’t relate to a situation on any kind of personal level, then you simply can’t identify enough with the problem to lend your energy toward solving it.

    Once you can identify with others or with common goals or problems, however, you are tireless in your efforts and creativity as you seek out solutions which empower and uplift others.

    Though your heart is generous and kind, you tend to focus on your own ambitions and see your path to success as a natural path to success for others around you. As a result you may miss opportunities to appreciate what is unique in those around you or to integrate your efforts with the efforts of those who could help you succeed in your mission.

    You genuinely believe that if you want something done right you must do it yourself and this works for you sometimes. It also leads you to exhaust yourself at other times when collaborating would have been more effective.

    Your intention is to be a leader and problem solver for others and while self assurance and confidence are strengths to be admired, you are likely to face challenges as a result of not being receptive to others.

    You are creative and courageous and express yourself without any inhibitions. You are likely to be struck by inspiration and dive head first into the creative process. You will follow a lead until you have completed any task. You may also be easily excited about your goals, getting fired up by the great ideas that stimulate you to act without hesitation.

    The benevolent and good natured energy of the Sun can temper the sometimes domineering energy of Aries, so you tend to not be aggressive toward others, but if not careful your enthusiasm and energy may lead you to impulsivity. At times you may feel so filled with dynamic energy that you become hyperactive, going overboard to show your interest in others or in projects you are working on.

    Optimism and excitement drive you to tirelessly pursue your desires. Your energy is playful and people will perceive you as someone who is exuberant, dynamic and ambitious. When you are excited about a relationship, project or idea you may even appear physically imposing or radiant to others. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Average

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    Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Aries and Sun in House 12

    With both Sun and Ascendant in Aries, you embody the archetypal Warrior. You are determined and bold, courageous and creative. Your Sun in the twelfth house gives you greater depth of insight into the subconscious and spiritual realms, a nice balancing force to soften the sometimes narrow lens of self focused Sun in Aries energy.

    In contrast, the very determination and focus of Sun in Aries brings delineation to the otherwise murky realm of the twelfth house, where others can become mired down by the confusing influence of Neptune, this house’s natural ruler.

    You are given a chance to perceive the deeper realms of consciousness without losing your separate identity in the collective conscious.

    The twelfth house shows where you need healing and transformation to occur in order to transcend illusions, but without the clarity brought to you by the Sun in Aries you may become lost in that confusion. Instead, you are likely to be able to connect with the realms of Spirit without losing your focus or sense of self.

    You are also likely to have a strong sense of intuition which fuels your decisions and actions. You don’t belabor your decisions typically and are more likely to jump into action on impulse. Most of the time these impulses will be accurate and divinely inspired. When your energy is out of balance or if substances and mind altering chemicals are involved however, the exact opposite is likely.

    Creative outlets and methods of expressing your true nature are important. When you feel suppressed or stifled in any way illness, injury or even substance disorders may manifest.

    If anything, you may face challenges when it comes to balancing the energy between assertiveness and aggression. Your ‘Achilles’ Heel” represented by the twelfth house, is that you may be so sure of yourself as to leap before looking. You may speed to quickly toward your goals and need to learn to moderate your energy and avoid burning out. You may also have to learn to manage anger and frustration when things do not go as quickly as you would like them to.

    You learn from an early age to be independent and self sufficient and may abhor asking for help. For this reason some of your greatest Karmic life lessons may end up involving being stuck in situations in which self sufficiency will not be enough.

    As a result you will be forced to collaborate with others or become receptive to others’ influences and ideas. Learning to integrate the best of your own strengths with the guidance and nurturing of others will not be easy for you.

    Learning to embrace your leadership capabilities while also learning to collaborate will be transformative and healing experiences for you.

    At some point in your evolution you will also have to learn important lessons in discernment between the illusions of leadership and the realities. The grand vision of being in charge and receiving acknowledgment, praise and status is incomplete without considering the reality of responsibility, cooperation, balance and collaboration.

    Humility is likely to be learned through burning bridges or over stepping boundaries even with the best of intentions. Eventually, however, you have the potential to strike a balance between passion and moderation, giving and receiving, leading and collaborating, logic and intuition. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Average

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