Introduction to Sun-Venus combination

By 12andus

SunLove.jpg Sun and Venus combination: what's your dating style, what attracts and repels you according to your Sun/Venus combination?

Most people familiar with astrology understand the importance of the Sun Sign. In addition to understanding the impact of the Sun on identity and ego, one should also consider the importance of the Venus Sign.

Once you understand how the Sun and Venus signs shape personality, it is easier to understand what an individual is attracted to in relationships. The Sun and Venus travel relatively close together, so at any give time these two planets will be no more than 47 degrees separate from each other. Therefore one’s Sun Sign will either be the same as their Venus Sign, or that these planets will be placed one or two signs apart from each other.

Both planets reveal information about one’s creative potential. The Sun shows where a person’s talents and strengths shine and the Sun Sign reveals where and how someone is best suited to be in the spotlight. The Sun also reveals important information about a person’s leadership potential and expression of their ego and interests.

Venus adds insight into an individual’s artistic and creative style. Venus also shows how one is likely to attract resources such as money, business, material wealth and security. In addition, the Venus Sign shows how one attracts others. Venus reveals what is most beautiful and desirable about an individual.

When considering the Sun and Venus Signs together, we can learn how a person’s unique traits and personality influence their attraction energy and relationships. This combination shows how optimism and unique talents can lead someone to be perceived as desirable by others and also how an individual uses their talents and leadership potential to attract the attention of others and create beauty, balance and harmony.

If the Sun and Venus are in the same sign, it reinforces the energy of this sign as both the source of ego, identity and unique character but also as the traits one is most likely to gain recognition for. It shows that an individual is naturally attracted to others with similar personalities and they can easily harmonize with others of the same sign or who have the same ways of expressing their creative, unique talents.

This differentiation between the placement of Sun and Venus can reveal how an individual can seem completely different in relationships and love than in other areas of life.

As an example someone with Sun in Gemini and Venus in Cancer can go from being analytical, detached and superficial to emotional and clingy when in love. Likewise when the Sun is in a sign such as Capricorn with Venus in Aquarius, the individual will have a more conservative, business like personality, preferring to keep a low profile in most endeavors.

Except love and relationships, which will prove to be highly unusual or shocking. In relationships and love this individual may also act on impulse thanks to the Aquarian energy, something they would seldom do in other areas of life due to Capricorn’s cautious nature.

An individual with Sun in a charismatic, outgoing sign like Leo will show their more harmony loving side when their Venus is in Libra. Their approach to relationships will be more empathic and sensitive, with heightened awareness of others’ needs compared to their typical self focus.

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