How does your emotional nature effect your personality based on your Sun and Moon sign?

    By 12andus

    sun-moon.jpgMost people know the importance of the Sun Sign. This sign is associated with identity and shows where an individual shines. It is important to know the features of the entire birth chart in order to understand the different dimensions of personality.

    The Sun represents individual personality and talents. Yet a person’s internal personality is reflected by the Moon Sign. The Moon Sign reveals your emotional nature and gives insight into your intuition and relationship with home and family.

    When considering the outer and inner world of an individual, we can look to the relationship between the Sun and Moon Signs. A person born with Sun in Aries, for example, is likely to be optimistic and energetic, courageous and focused. Aries Sun gives emphasis to ambition and individual strengths and can make a person competitive.

    If this individual has Moon in Capricorn, their fiery Sun in Aries energy is now grounded when it comes to emotions and intuition. While they identify with the Warrior archetype of Aries, they are driven emotionally by a sense of responsibility and prefer to take a practical, disciplined approach to relationships, business, intuition or emotional life.

    On the other hand, a person with Sun in Aries and Moon in Aquarius will be much more energetic, impulsive and spontaneous. They will likely put their intense energy into intellectual matters and have an outgoing personality though also struggle with intimacy and emotional connection. They may act in shocking and unusual ways because of intense emotions as well. This person will not give much thought to others’ opinions of them.

    Further details about the nature between Sun and Moon signs are seen in the aspects between the Sun and Moon. Aspects further flavor the nature of how personality and emotion are expressed. Aspects are all about relationship. An aspect is the distance between two planets and this shows the ease or difficulty with which the energy of these planets will influence the individual.

    The person with Sun in Aries and Capricorn Moon, if Sun and Moon are squared, will have tension and friction between their individual expression and inner, emotional world. It will not be easy for this person to align their emotional instincts and outer drive. However, when they do, it will lead them to greater accomplishment.

    In the Sun in Aries and Capricorn Moon example, when the Sun is in the last degrees of Aries and the Moon in the first degrees of Capricorn, then a trine aspect is possible and the energy is very different. In this case, there is an easy flow of energy between ambition and emotion. Instincts fuel competitive drive which works out in fortunate ways.

    The energy of the Sun and Moon can be considered together to understand the relationship between ego and emotion. Recognizing the ease or difficulties in relation to your identity and emotional nature can help you build on your strengths and intuition.

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