Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra

SunMoon-Aries-Libra.jpg Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra

Sun in Aries gives you courage, passion and intensity. You are brave and driven to succeed.

Your focus and determination are legendary and others see you as optimistic. You make a great leader and are willing to step up to challenges without hesitation. In fact, sometimes a little hesitation would be to your benefit as you can become impulsive.

Moon in Libra fuels your fiery nature because you are easily motivated to advocate for others. Justice, balance and fairness are important to you.

Truth be told, however, finding balance in your own life can be a major recurring lesson. You either focus primarily on your own needs, or sacrifice yourself for others, but seldom balance between these two drives.

When left to your own devices, you are decisive and direct. When collaborating with others or in relationships, however, you procrastinate. You may seek the approval of others. Insecurities can cause you to become jealous or possessive in relationships as well.

You are moved by beauty, art and music and can channel your own high energy in creation of art or in dance. You have a good sense of aesthetics and know how to create a mood at home or work by paying attention to atmosphere. You also have strong intuition regarding others’ emotional needs and attitudes.

Though you are romantic, your nurturing style can be idealistic and intellectual rather than deeply emotional. You don’t like anything messy and that includes emotions and completely being receptive in relationships and so it is easier for you to try to hold on to some level of control.

You appreciate a good challenge but also need to feel appreciated and beautiful. Athletics or challenges are invigorating to you, however you may get carried away with materialism, making sure you look good before going to the gym or dressing up before taking a hike or running.

Sun in Aries opposite Moon in Libra

Sun in Aries opposition Moon in Libra reminds you of one of your major, recurring, life lessons.

You will frequently have to face issues of balance and harmony especially in relationships. It is not likely to be easy or comfortable for you to address your personal needs and the needs of your partnerships and relationships, yet challenges will arise which remind you of the need for this balance.

Going to extremes in any area of your life is likely to be a challenge as well. You may inwardly crave approval and companionship yet outwardly push others away, insist on managing things independently and struggle with intimacy.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Aries quincunx Moon in Libra

Aries Sun quincunx Libra Moon makes it difficult for you to reconcile your desire for harmony, romance and beauty with your resistance to vulnerability and fierce competitive nature.

You need to be independent and also desire connection with others. You idealize your partners and relationships but also try to steer clear of any form of dependency. With practice and life experience you can learn to not take everything so personally.

You can also become self-confident enough to not need the approval of a partner, but also to not feel threatened by partners who you originally perceive as competition for success.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

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