Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries

SunMoon-Cancer-Aries.jpg Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries

Sun in Cancer makes you warm, nurturing, sensitive and emotional. You can be successful in business endeavors but your greatest successes are propelled by your emotional instincts. Moon in Aries gives you intense emotions which can vary greatly moment to moment.

You can be comforting and love to make others feel at home. Yet you also draw direct lines and protect your territory and those you care about. You quickly act on your instincts and don’t stop to think things through. Often, this works to your benefit. At times you can be impulsive.

When your emotions are triggered, you may go to extremes and lash out at others or become labile. When you have gone through an emotional catharsis, you may gain a different perspective and regret things you said or did when upset.

You can be highly sensitive and may give off the impression of being guarded as a way to protect your vulnerable side. You may try to project a tough image but most can see how compassionate and caring you really are.

Home and family are extremely important to you. You are protective of your loved ones. You are also inclined to set strong boundaries. Usually this is to protect yourself from going overboard for others, rather than to protect yourself from others. When you feel others are being treated unfairly, it strikes a personal nerve with you and you can become defensive on behalf of others.

Though you feel deeply, you are also able to come back around to a cheerful, optimistic disposition. You are highly confident in your abilities and trust that things will work out for the best. In particular, this is because you believe your courage and strength being instrumental to thriving in any situation.

Sun in Cancer sextile Moon in Aries

Sun in Cancer sextile Moon in Aries gives ease of flow between your intuitive, empathic and sensitive nature and your optimism and confidence. You are brave and often will lead others to new heights. Whether as head of household or head of a business, or both.

You are unshakeable when you want something and can be tenacious and determined. At the same time, your emotions motivate your actions. When your feelings shift, your motivation may be swayed, though usually you are focused and unyielding until you accomplish your goals. You can be fiercely competitive as well.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Cancer square Moon in Aries

Sun in Cancer square Moon in Aries brings out the tension between your tenacity and intense emotions and your desire to nurture others.

You are protective, loyal and sensitive to perceived criticism. In order to succeed, however, you need to overcome the tendency to react impulsively to perceived slights which may or may not be personal.

You may also need to learn when to push back and when to stifle your instincts and work with and not against others. Your willingness to succeed and desire to have your own way can lead you to unintentionally alienate allies.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Aries

Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Aries gives you a nurturing, charming personality. You are a go-getter with ample energy and ambition, however you also don’t plow over others on your path to success. You know that nurturing others and treating others like family will get you farther than simply competing with others.

You act quickly on your instincts without self-doubt and second guessing. This serves you well and helps embolden you, You can also be a strong leader and role model for others. You are emotionally driven to face down any obstacles on your path. You also advocate for others and are protective and loyal.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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