Sun in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio

SunMoon-Cancer-Scorpio.jpg Sun in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Cancer makes you a nurturing, compassionate and sensitive person. Moon in Scorpio adds to your sharp intuition. You are deeply emotional and attuned to the energy around you. You have an uncanny ability to peer into the depths of others and a strong desire to excavate hidden truths.

You instinctively know if someone is lying or concealing the full truth. You can see through the illusions that others may have about the world. As a result of this you may be frequently troubled by problems that others ignore. Platitudes and blind faith are no consolation to you. Instead, you seek deeper meaning and try to heal underlying fears and insecurities.

You are also attractive to others who are drawn to your power and magnetic charm. You convey a sense of authority and mystery that attracts the attention of others. You like to keep some aspects of your life a secret but at the same time, you try to learn the secrets of everyone around you.

Information is a source of security. If you can solve the puzzle of others’ subconscious minds and innermost feelings, you know you have latent power in the relationship. You may never feel compelled to use this knowledge-as-power to manipulate others. Then again, under certain circumstances, you just might.

You have a gift for being a healer and catalyst for powerful, deep emotional transformation and rebirth. This is because you have gone through your own hardships and awakenings and understand that nothing worth having comes without releasing some obstacle.

You can learn to make peace with the need to surrender control but this can also be a source of struggle for you. Especially if you confuse security and power with manipulation and control.

Your instincts and intuition are always collecting information from the world around you. You understand that privacy and mystery can work in your favor. When intrigued by others you can become obsessed and emotionally intense.

Sun in Cancer square Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Cancer square Moon in Scorpio creates frustration between your desire for security and power and your empathic, nurturing tendencies. You are often acutely aware of others’ emotions and subconscious motivations. Your intense emotions can be confused with obsessions and infatuations.

Learning to discern between your true authority and control issues is essential to your success. You can get distracted by the trappings of power and status and this can cause you to miss out on your real intuitive wisdom. Power struggles stemming from insecurities, paranoia and fears of abandonment can also be ongoing challenges for you to overcome.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Scorpio can enhance your gifts of empathy and intuition. You know how to work your charm and attraction power to get the attention of powerful allies and enhance your authority and influence. You are charismatic, confident and empathic.

You can also be a powerful healer and catalyst for personal transformation especially through your deep intuitive and emotional bond with others. You can sense what is hidden beneath the surface and this helps you understand the inner motivations of others.

Like a therapist, detective and investigator, you tirelessly weed out root issues and help transform and transcend obstacles. You can help others release old wounds and face inner fears.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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