Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius

SunMoon-Cancer-Aquarius.jpg Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Cancer gives you a warm, nurturing and intuitive disposition. You treat others like family and can be protective and loving. Home is important to you and you value security.

Moon in Aquarius gives you a much bigger view of most things. You are emotionally sensitive and can experience a broad array of feelings. Sometimes a mood will strike you from out of nowhere and it is as jarring as if you had been struck by lightning.

Your intuition is also likely to be triggered by bursts of energy and highly unusual ideas that make it difficult for others to relate to you at times. Whether they get you or not, you get them. And that can be the difficult part. You can empathize with and understand most people and may have to accept that it will take time for the rest of the world to catch up to your unique vision.

You can be a humanitarian and can either connect deeply with others through your empathy or keep your emotions detached and analyze people and situations. You can be unusual, exotic and erratic. You need the comfort of home and family but also need independence and room to explore.

Your intuition is sharp and you may be highly inventive and creative. You may feel compelled to say or do shocking things that even you don’t understand at first. Full of complex contradictions, you love people or rather, the idea of people.

You relate to humanity as a whole and may have an easier time engaging with groups and grassroots organizations than trying to maintain close intimate friendships.

You are drawn to the social outcasts and ‘underdogs’ and may consider the plight of refugees, homeless people or starving children to be as important (or more) than the issues faced by people you know or are related to.

You can be a strong advocate and activist because of your emotional connection to the well-being of people in the world at large.

Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Cancer trine Moon in Aquarius makes you charming, social, nurturing, highly intuitive and strange. But you get away with your unorthodox views and emotional outbursts because people genuinely like you.

You also know how to channel your emotional and intuitive energy as a creative force to help others make breakthroughs, not just as a rebel without a clue.

You are compassionate and help enlighten others. Sometimes you do this in shocking ways but you seem to be fortunate in your ability to help others make breakthroughs without alienating yourself.

An unusual connection to home and family is likely. You may live in a treehouse or have a surprising or unorthodox family structure.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Cancer opposite Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Cancer opposite Aquarius Moon creates difficulties when you try to follow your instincts. Your breakthroughs may come only after an all out tug of war between your desire for security and approval and your desire to flaunt authority and go your own way.

You may wrestle with humanitarian issues which overwhelm and concern you and yet miss opportunities to be part of the solution. Instead of helping as an activist or advocate, for example, you may spin your wheels and go through shocking and unproductive outbursts that alienate or annoy others. You can learn to balance your desire for progressive breakthroughs and humanitarian views with your desire for security.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Sun in Cancer quincunx Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Cancer quincunx Moon in Aquarius gives you an awkward relationship with the society, family, and community that you deeply love and want to nurture.

You care greatly about people, so much that you empathize with all the problems of humanity. At the same time, you can become restless, impatient and alienated from those you care about because of your intense desire to change everything all at once.

With time and experience you can learn to channel your intuition and nurturing instincts and become a caring, empathic beacon for social change. Your message and vision can be conveyed more effectively as a result.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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