Sun in Leo and Moon in Aries


    SunMoon-Leo-Aries.jpg Sun in Leo and Moon in Aries

    Sun in Leo gives you courageous, creative and bold energy. You are a natural leader and know how to command the attention of a crowd. Your boisterous energy is amplified by Moon in Aries which makes you determined, assertive and intense.

    You have a strong sense of instincts and your gut feelings come on strong and fast. You are honest and can be impulsive. Though you have a strong personality and can be domineering at times, you don’t mean to cause harm to others. Just the opposite, you try to be heroic and protective of those around you.

    You often feel you know what is best for others if only they would follow your lead. You can be uplifting, inspiring and charismatic. You are loyal and generous and will fight to the end to protect the people you care about.

    You are passionate though you don’t always empathize with others on an emotional level. You are driven by desire and can react before considering how your actions impact others. You may become upset if you feel unsupported or underappreciated by others.

    You can be dramatic and when you are unhappy, everyone will know it. Luckily your anger or unhappiness are short lived. You are quick to forgive as soon as you feel you have been given the recognition you deserve.

    You can be possessive, territorial and jealous when you feel insecure. You are motivated by a deep inner sense of competition. You place emphasis on winning and need to be the best at anything you attempt.

    You are confident and your positivity and enthusiasm have a positive effect on others. You may attract people who need your strength. You easily take charge of situations and can clash with authority figures if they don’t allow you to take the lead.

    Sun in Leo square Moon in Aries

    Sun in Leo square Moon in Aries creates conflict between your colorful, flamboyant personality and your passion and ambition. You are easily frustrated when others don’t trust your authority and give you the credit you feel you deserve.

    Fiercely competitive, you may give the impression that you aren’t a team player and this can cause conflicts and delays to achieving the success you desire. You may treat others as a challenge to your success and authority.

    Once you realize you don’t always have to compete and when you find ways to assert your confidence without dominating others, you will be able to channel your energy efficiently and effectively.

    Rarity of this aspect: Rare

    Sun in Leo trine Moon in Aries

    Sun in Leo trine Moon in Aries empowers your confidence and creativity. You are charming, enthusiastic and energetic. You may have many opportunities to get what you want though you will often take the more challenging path just to experience the rush of accomplishment, not because your path is fraught with hardship.

    You easily win over the confidence of others and are a natural leader. You will have numerous opportunities to take charge and be a pioneer and champion for others. You easily attract friends and allies. You may be drawn to theater and the performing arts because you love to be in the spotlight.

    Rarity of this aspect: Average

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