Sun in Leo and Moon in Cancer

SunMoon-Leo-Cancer.jpg Sun in Leo and Moon in Cancer

Sun in Leo gives you a strong sense of confidence. You are sure of yourself and comfortable sharing your strengths and skills. You are a strong leader. Moon in Cancer adds rich, emotional and nurturing instincts to your outgoing, social personality. You need just the right balance between your social and introverted outlets.

You are open and outgoing but also have insecurities that you try to hide behind a show of bravado. You care deeply for others and are highly sensitive to criticism. Your strong empathy helps you detect the energy of a room and others’ emotional needs.

You can be a strong advocate for others. You are able to stand up for others and can be fiercely protective. You aren’t shy about showing your strengths and creativity but secretly you keep your radar finely tuned, looking for criticism. You fear abandonment and try to remain in good favor with others.

You can appear boisterous and proud. You are strong willed and gallant yet also deeply sensitive. You may give the posture of being tough and projecting confidence. Behind the scenes, however, you are a giant teddy bear with a heart of gold.

You portray an image of power or to soothe your emotions. You may also hoard money, overeating or compulsive spending when your emotions are triggered. You can’t help wearing your heart on your sleeve. This can also lead you to dramatically display your emotions through temper tantrums, tearful outbursts or unrestrained expressions of joy.

You may be closely tied to home and family. Though you are outgoing and love to entertain, you may prefer to invite others to your home. Because you bring everyone into your inner circle, you assume others will accept you without limits as well. This is not always the case and when this doesn’t work out you end up feeling rejected.

Sun in Leo conjunct Moon in Cancer

Sun in Leo conjunct Moon in Cancer makes you a passionate, charismatic powerhouse who can also be empathic. Behind the mask of confidence and assertiveness is the tender heart of an optimistic, idealistic, sensitive individual. You may look at the world with the innocence of a child but also feel crushed by the many injustices you find.

You are always loyal and protective of others and expect the same in return. Your emotions can appear to come out of nowhere. Your best successes are fueled by emotion and you may look to the arts, theater or performance to help express your inner world.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Sun in Leo sextile Moon in Cancer

Sun in Leo sextile Moon in Cancer creates an easy flow of energy between your outgoing, protective, confident side, and your deeply emotional, sensitive, intuitive side. You are compassionate and empathic and can intuitively sense what others need.

You can also easily take the lead and reassure others, soothing their wounds with your courage and optimism. You are able to make others feel protected and secure. Your own insecurities are often soothed by focusing your energy on creative outlets and being a champion for others.

You can be highly sensitive as well and are especially sensitive to perceived criticism or abandonment, though you primarily focus on building others up and trust in your connection with others.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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