Sun in Leo and Moon in Libra

SunMoon-Leo-Libra.jpg Sun in Leo and Moon in Libra

Sun in Leo makes you dramatic, charismatic, outgoing and dynamic. You are the life of the party and love to be in the spotlight. You are good at getting attention and enjoy being admired by others.

Your desire for appreciation and praise and your creative sentimentality are enhanced by your Moon in Libra. You are romantic, sensitive and love to create beauty and harmony wherever you go.

You can idealize your relationships and are attracted to the image of others before you have gotten to truly know them. It’s easier for you to relate to your romantic view of reality than it is to deal with conflicts.

You are inspiring, uplifting and confident and you want to help others see the best in themselves. You are assertive and courageous yet you also feel most at home when working in partnership with another. Whether romantic or business, you are attracted to partners who help you carry out your goals.

You are sensitive to others and try to make sure everyone’s feelings are considered. As a result you may feel compelled to put others’ needs first and can go overboard trying to uplift those you care about. You are caring and loyal but may change your mind continually if you think you have overlooked someone.

As a result you may become a people-pleaser, putting excess energy into compensating for others while neglecting your own needs. You may also expect others to make up for your self-neglect or to reciprocate your generosity at the very least. When this doesn’t happen you may take it personally and feel that you are being short changed.

You are creative, with many artistic talents that help you to express your sensitive, emotional nature. You may excel in the visual and performing arts in particular.

Sun in Leo sextile Moon in Libra

Sun in Leo sextile Moon in Libra brings balance between creating harmony and balance and your dramatic side. You are a leader but also compassionate and romantic. You can be entertaining and charm others with your humor and theatrics.

You can be inspiring, attractive and peace loving. You are a diplomat and try to bring understanding and beauty to every situation. Image is important to you. You create the ideal appearance in your relationships and personal life.

You know how to charm others and have no problem attracting friends and romantic partners. You are also able to easily attract financial opportunities though you can spend money indulgently as well.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Leo square Moon in Libra

Sun in Leo square Moon in Libra creates tension between your self-focused and partner oriented nature. You want the spotlight but also want to create harmony with others. You are driven to succeed and follow your ambitions, but your sensitive nature won’t let you neglect the needs of others.

If you can harmonize your own desire to keep the peace and create balance and beauty with your need to be admired and appreciated, you can be much more successful. Creativity and compromise will also help you overcome frustrations.

You are idealistic assuming more from others than what they are willing to give and this can make you feel betrayed.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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