Sun in Leo and Moon in Pisces

SunMoon-Leo-Pisces.jpg Sun in Leo and Moon in Pisces

Sun in Leo makes you courageous, confident and independent. You are creative as well and love to inspire others. Moon in Pisces adds to your creative and artistic potential. You may have many gifts when it comes to art, music, theater and performing arts.

You are compassionate, empathic and deeply intuitive. You often feel vulnerable but try to hide this behind a strong exterior. Your generosity and desire to go to dramatic lengths to demonstrate your feelings for others is a cover for your soft side.

You are deeply spiritual and imaginative and may seek opportunities to be a leader or influencer for others spiritually or in regards to emotional healing. You can also feel insecure and may go to great lengths to hide this by becoming a chronic caretaker in relationships.

You can go as far as to martyr yourself or become a people pleaser. Secretly, you are imagining that your efforts will be repaid and that others will validate and recognize all of your generosity and kindness.

In reality this may not always happen to the extent you desire. You can feel disappointed or betrayed when others don’t go to the same measures to prove their love and loyalty to you as you would do for them.

It’s tempting for you to seek retreat in your inner fantasy world. As courageous and outgoing as you are, you also need downtime to process your feelings and explore your fantasies. This can cause you to lose perspective. You may easily become confused between reality and your desires or fears.

Addictions, escapism and self deception are possible. Other issues you need to be aware of include becoming zealous about your religious or spiritual path as a means of overcompensating for insecurities. Art and music can be healing outlets for you and can help you maintain balance.

Sun in Leo trine Moon in Pisces

Sun in Leo trine Moon in Pisces creates fortunate energy especially in love and romance. You are attractive and sensitive. Your compassion and romantic nature draw others to you and your confidence is contagious. You care deeply about others and are able to express love in inspiring, uplifting ways.

You encourage others to follow their passions by pursuing yours. You are highly creative, spiritual and imaginative. Your intuition is clear and you have the courage to follow your heart. You can be generous and loyal until the very end. You may also find ways to heal emotional wounds and then lead others on their own healing journey.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Leo opposite Moon in Pisces

Sun in Leo opposite Moon in Pisces creates tension between your desire to be in the spotlight and your deep need for reflection and solitude. You are highly empathic and sensitive and easily absorb the energy of others. This can lead you to become burned out and anxious easily.

It takes effort to harmonize the extremes of confidence and the desire to lead others and the inner longings to be nurtured and immersed in relationships without having to be in charge. You wish you could abandon your responsibilities and sometimes, abandon reality altogether. Your creative outlets can help you channel this energy in productive ways.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Leo quincunx Moon in Pisces

Sun in Leo quincunx Moon in Pisces creates friction between your inner and outer worlds. You want to be in the spotlight and left alone to indulge in your escapist fantasies. Your creative outlets can help you channel your emotions. They can also contribute to your escapism and illusions.

With time and experience you can derive great compassion and motivation from your empathic side and use this to help lead and empower others. Until then you may seek codependent relationships in order to feed into a sense of importance. You may also become susceptible to materialism to distract you from emotional wounds.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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