Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Virgo

SunMoon-Scorpio-Virgo.jpg Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Virgo

Sun in Scorpio gives you an intense, mysterious and seductive personality. People are drawn to you like a magnet and you can be charming. You convey authority and power in everything you do. You can also be extremely focused. Your diligent, obsessive and intellectual nature are further enhanced by Moon in Virgo.

Your intellect is sharp and even your emotions are processed rationally rather than purely through primal expression. You can be down to earth and pragmatic and others won’t know when your emotions are triggered because you prefer to operate as if you were a computer.

You are methodical and this can slow your pace but others should not underestimate you. You are sharp and strategic. When something or someone interests you, you are like a hound on a trail and can’t be distracted or dissuaded from your goal. When you care about someone, you will research as much as you can about them and may keep your interest subtle and may confuse the other person.

Though you are seductive and attractive, you can appear so aloof that others assume that you don’t care or that they are in the ‘friend zone’ when you are actually investigating all you can before making a commitment or displaying open romantic interest. You have a thick skin emotionally and don’t let most things bother you yet you will take it personally if it appears that others are ignoring your helpful advice.

You channel your emotions into interventions usually on behalf of others and mostly unsolicited. You are patient but don’t tolerate insincerity in others. You are also extremely honest. In fact, sometimes others wish you would tone it down or tell a friendly lie here and there. But that isn’t your style. You are particularly concerned about the health and well being of others and may become obsessed to the point of anxiety about those you care for.

Sun in Scorpio sextile Moon in Virgo

Sun in Scorpio sextile Moon in Virgo gives ease and balance between your intellectual, intuitive and practical sides. You are highly sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and yet you keep your emotions level. Your rational side reigns over your impulses but you are confident in your instincts.

Once your intuition is triggered you won’t just jump to conclusions, you’ll track down clues to support your impressions. You are loyal and love to be of service to others. You are a sound and objective source of advice. You don’t let your personal feelings sway you and try to remain objective and logical.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Scorpio square Moon in Virgo

Sun in Scorpio square Moon in Virgo creates friction between your intuitive nature and your intellect. You want to have a plan in place for every scenario and this further fuels your anxiety. The need to be in control sabotages your relationships and career connections if you aren’t careful.

However if you learn to draw on your pragmatic side and channel your analytical strengths with some degree of flexibility, you can succeed. Your reputation for being insightful and grounded can lead you to make progress in careers involving research, organization, analysis, healthcare, psychology or forensics.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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