Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Virgo

SunMoon-Sagittarius-Virgo.jpg Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Virgo

Sun in Sagittarius gives you an enthusiastic, optimistic personality. You are inspirational, spiritual and passionate about adventure and discovering new things.

You have an eye on the big picture and understand the interconnection of things on a spiritual level. At the same time, Moon in Virgo grounds you in practical realities.

You are as detail oriented as you are worldly and this balance can add humility to your confident nature. You have faith in the good nature of people and are a spiritual seeker but you are also practical and connected to daily routines that make you feel secure and in control. As free flowing as you can be on the outside, you are actually driven by a deep need for control of your surroundings and decisions.

Your independent streak and perfectionism can make it difficult for you to open your heart to deep levels of intimacy or collaboration. Though compromise is not always easy for you, you actually have a big heart and generous nature. You are loving and caring but feel the need to be in charge of your destiny.

You are analytical and love to debate and discuss various topics. Emotions don’t rile you to action but instead you are thoughtful and intellectual. You channel your emotions through logic and try to act like a computer rather than validating your raw, illogical feelings.

You are a perfectionist and have high expectations of others. You usually see the best in people although you’ll become disillusioned easily if others don’t live up to your high expectations.

You are witty and have a good sense of humor but also strong boundaries and sensibility. You may have a dry sense of humor and draw a line when it comes to certain topics. You strive to uplift others by fueling their aspirations and dreams but are also pragmatic and know that wishful thinking alone will not get you anywhere.

Sun in Sagittarius sextile Moon in Virgo

Sun in Sagittarius sextile Moon in Virgo creates ease and flow of energy between your optimism and practical side. Your emotions and intuition are a source of grounding for you. You love to be of service and can work humbly behind the scenes when you need to but you do also enjoy being in the spotlight.

You are caring and passionate but know how to reign in your desires and focus on being productive. You want everything to be completed on a large scale but are also detail oriented. Intelligent, organized and wise, you know how to make the best of any situation and use resources wisely.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

Sun in Sagittarius square Moon in Virgo

Sun in Sagittarius square Moon in Virgo creates friction between your outgoing, philosophical, larger than life personality and your practical, introverted, analytical side. You want to explore and go on adventures but you may talk yourself out of opportunities because the circumstances aren’t perfect.

Your optimism is continually challenged by an inner critic whose cynical second guessing can lead you to run in circles rather than live up to your highest potential. You are generous and giving but can also become critical of others especially if you believe they need to make changes to health routines. You can be judgmental although you believe you are acting in the best interest of others.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Sagittarius trine Moon in Virgo

Sun in Sagittarius trine Moon in Virgo gives a fortunate balance between practicality and optimism. You reach for the stars yet are successful achieving your higher goals because you have the common sense and work ethic to tend to the details with an eye on the prize.

You are efficient and this helps you stretch your resources and live large even on a tight budget. You can be wise and take matters of security, home and family seriously yet at the same time you are an adventurer and explorer.

A healing quest may take you on an exotic journey to new places. You are drawn to science and research as well.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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