Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius

SunMoon-Sagittarius-Aquarius.jpg Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Sagittarius gives you an independent, free-wheeling, fun-loving personality. You’re a natural explorer and scientist, also a philosopher at times. Your love of discovery and need for independence are bolstered further by Moon in Aquarius.

Moon in Aquarius gives you intense emotional energy. Your feelings come on strong and apparently from out of nowhere. While your moods can bring out shocking, dramatic reactions and a desire to release this energy, you seldom hold on to a mood for long.

Sun in Sagittarius ensures you are optimistic and hopeful. Moon in Aquarius reinforces this by helping you release your emotions in powerful bursts so that you can move on. In fact, moving on is something you do with ease. You have no problem walking away from a job, project or even relationship when the mood strikes you.

This doesn’t always mean you’re angry. You just know when it is time to wander off in pursuit of your own dreams. You love humanity but have a difficult time navigating intimate relationships especially if you come to feel stifled by them. You need friends and significant others to know when you need space and distance.

A long distance relationship can suit you. In part, this can spark your interest in learning about the culture or surroundings in which your love interest lives. Also, because you are ensured to have the breathing room you crave in relationships.

You may travel a great deal as well and love to enjoy the culture and art of new places. You also love to walk amongst the people rather than spending time at typical ‘tourist’ spots. You may be drawn to work in science, technology and fields that are on the cutting edge.

You are also likely to be strong willed and have a strong sense of integrity and ideology.

Sun in Sagittarius sextile Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Sagittarius sextile Moon in Aquarius creates an easy balance between your potential to be an independent thinker and leader and your potential to be an innovative visionary.

You are spontaneous, idealistic and a humanitarian. Your intuition places you on the cutting edge of new advancements.

You know how to uplift and empower others and like to be involved in activist and social groups. You don’t mind being a leader but also prefer to stand apart from the crowd. You are philosophical and have an interest in spirituality, science and technology. You can see the big picture and tend to not get caught up in petty issues.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Sagittarius square Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Sagittarius square Moon in Aquarius creates friction between your philosophical, humanitarian nature and intense, shocking nature. You are freedom-loving and independent.

You may wish to be an agent of change for humanity or various oppressed groups, yet you also struggle with obligations that weigh you down or inhibit your personal freedom.

You are brutally honest and this may cause you to alienate yourself from others who could be your allies. You know how to push others’ buttons and may instigate conflicts just to draw attention to issues that impact society. You may be drawn to the occult or to conspiracy theories.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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