Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius

SunMoon-Aquarius-Sagittarius.jpg Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Aquarius gives you an unusual, independent and forward thinking personality. You are confident and can stand apart from the crowd. Moon in Sagittarius gives you a deep desire to serve humanity by helping others overcome limitations.

Your Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius combination creates potential for humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. You are progressive, open minded and receptive to unusual and unconventional ideas.

You are concerned with the benefit of humanity at large and may place greater priority on helping society as opposed to furthering your personal goals or tending to individual relationships.

In fact, you value independence more than security of home and family. You need a wide range and will not tolerate any relationship or job that makes you feel confined and fenced in.

You may travel as part of your lifestyle or career and you prefer to be on the road spending a little bit of time in a lot of places, to being anchored in just one place.

You are a scientist, observer and philosopher. You don’t get caught up in deeper emotions and instead prefer to keep your focus on the abstract. You look to science, metaphysics and spirituality to explain problems.

You can be inspiring to others and tend to avoid negative moods. It’s just easier for you to wander off in search of new adventures than to let things get you down. You don’t hold on to the past. In fact, you know that life is short and you try to enjoy your experiences to the fullest.

Others may see you as distant or cold but in truth you are generous and compassionate. You just don’t put priority on delving deep into emotional connection with others.

Whatever your chosen career, you are likely to be a pioneer. You are innovative and drawn to science, technology, spirituality and culture.

Sun in Aquarius sextile Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Aquarius sextile Moon in Sagittarius gives you a fortunate balance between your independent, individualistic side and your humanitarian, spiritual nature. You know how to stick with your goals and follow your larger plan and can be innovative and unconventional.

At the same time, you also have a deeper understanding of broader social issues and strive to be a catalyst for positive change on a collective level.

ou are benevolent and kind hearted. Your sense of ethics is strong and you are led by your spiritual beliefs and rational mind working together. You strive to uplift and empower others.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Aquarius square Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Aquarius square Moon in Sagittarius creates friction between your idealistic, innovative and sometimes shocking personality and your benevolent, expansive, philosophical inner world. Your emotions are filtered through a sense of ethics and obligation to society at large. Your outer personality is highly individualistic.

If you are able to focus on the common hub of humanitarian and spiritual, scientific and progressive interests, you can overcome the tendency to undermine yourself by acting in erratic ways or following ungrounded dreams. You will have to learn to focus and collaborate with others rather than wandering off when you don’t get your way.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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