The Best of Each Sun Sign During Covid-19 Crisis

mask.jpgDuring times of tremendous change and uncertainty, each of the Twelve Signs can bring out our greatest strengths and also present their own challenges.

We know that the Sun sign is just a part of a birth chart, but since everyone knows their sign, we wanted to reach the highest number of people during these difficult times.

How does each Zodiac Sun Sign show their power in service to others during Covid-19 crisis?


aries.png Sun in Aries is a natural leader. Full of courage, ambition and with a powerful draw to excitement. Aries wants to be of service by being on the front line.

They are courageous enough to take risks when it is indicated, but also impulsive enough to sometimes put themselves in harm’s way unnecessarily. By staying grounded, however, Aries can be very effective during a crisis. Ruled by Mars, they can be militant and active.

They may serve by acting on behalf of those who can’t act for themselves and by facing up to dangerous situations without fear. Their enthusiasm and passion also can help others find hope and positivity.


taurus.png Sun in Taurus seeks stability and security. They are natural healers and comforters. Taurus can struggle with dramatic change because it threatens their longing for pleasure and comfort.

At the same time, Taurus loves to nurture and provide for others and can be practical. Taurus can help others by offering practical advice on healing foods and herbs. Even in quarantine or extremely difficult situations, Taurus will find ways to bring comfort to others and help others find ways to be physically strong, stable, comfortable and secure.

Taurus is also an ace at helping to manage resources in a crisis. They can offer guidance on budgeting and facilitating resources to others when it comes to financial management.


gemini.png Sun in Gemini is a trivia wiz and excellent communicator. During a crisis, Gemini is able to use their intellectual detachment and role of the observer and messenger to keep in touch with others and keep others informed.

Gemini has a large network of friends and will want to check in on everyone. Though they can be prone to getting distracted by too much information at once, Gemini can help share well vetted information. By journalism, blogging, texting and all other means of communication, Gemini can help keep in touch and share information that others need to know.

Gemini may also assist in the development of new networks of communication or be of service by facilitating communication and friend dates on virtual platforms. Having a fun and playful side, Gemini may also look to entertain others with witty and inspiring Facebook Live broadcasts or by making up stories to keep others entertained.


cancer.png Sun in Cancer is a nurturer. Worst case scenario, Cancer may either retreat into isolation and panic or show their protective nature. Turning their protective and compassionate energy outward, they can be of service by providing warmth and compassion.

They may offer to serve as emotional nurturers by being a source of support as counselors or unofficial counselors. They want others to feel at home even if all sense of normalcy has been turned upside down. Cancer can help others talk about their feelings and work through their fears and insecurities.

Shrewd and protective, Cancer can embrace the larger community as family and become the nurturer of the community.


leo.png Sun in Leo is the entertainer and leader. Though they can be brash and over the top in some ways, their assertive approach can be a breath of fresh air in a crisis.

They inspire confidence and optimism even in dire circumstances. While they can charm their loved ones into forgetting their troubles for just a moment, they can also use their incredible courage and leadership to rally inspiration and enthusiasm, helping others to rally for a common good.

Leo may also share their generosity by facilitating a donation drive in the community or gathering needed resources. Even those who sometimes think of Leo as grandiose will appreciate their grand gestures of protection and generosity during a crisis. Leo will have no problem seeing that everyone’s needs are met.

From entertaining the kids to making sure the grandparents have enough food to heat, Leo is tirelessly putting themselves out into the spotlight to be the go-to person and leader.


virgo.png Sun in Virgo doesn’t get rattled easily so they are great to connect with in a crisis. Extremely rational and analytical, they provide the data and crunch the numbers.

They are sensible and when they tell you a situation is urgent, you can believe them because they aren’t alarmists. They are cautious and critical. Virgo makes sure everyone has a first aid kit and a stockpile of useful things. They know all kinds of do-it-yourself tips for emergencies. Everything from jumpstarting a car to setting a broken limb.

What they don’t know, they research. In a crisis, Virgo is the walking encyclopedia, organizer, healer and planner. They know just what questions to ask and they don’t get swayed by emotions. Virgo is the sign of service and it will be their first instinct to ask ‘how can I help?’ rather than thinking of themselves.

They are also good at considering practical details that others may have overlooked such as who will walk Fido when someone is sick or what are alternative travel routes if major roads are blocked. Always prepared, Virgo has been anticipating their role in a crisis since they were a child and is ready to share their gifts with the world.


libra.png Sun in Libra is the egalitarian of the zodiac. During a crisis they may avoid the spotlight because they can be indecisive.

However you definitely want them on your team and in your life. They will look for ways to bring beauty, harmony and balance. They are excellent de-escalators and can talk anyone down from panic or mental health crisis.

They will also be considerate of every voice and every situation. Sometimes so much that it is difficult to know where to act first. Libra will remind others to find balance and self care. They will give a platform to those whose voices have not been heard.

They are the sounding board for loved ones and can help reassure others and provide a compassionate perspective. They emphasize beauty and may help others try to find peace and acceptance even during difficult times.

Libra will also speak up if there is any hint of misuse of authority during a crisis, making sure that emergencies aren’t used as an excuse for injustices. Because they are artistic, they may use their talents to help others heal through art, music, dance or poetry.


scorpio.png Sun in Scorpio is a powerful ally during a crisis. They are truth seekers who drill down to the bottom of the problem. No matter how messy they will not stop until they have uncovered the core cause of the crisis and will work obsessively and tirelessly to resolve the problem.

In a crisis they will try to be of service as researchers, counselors and because of their comfortable role in authority, as intuitive leaders. They aren’t afraid to face the truth nor are they afraid to be honest with others even when doing is unpopular.

They can keep a secret like no one else though so they are great confidants for those who are struggling with vulnerability during a difficult situation. Scorpio is also all about transformation and in their unique ways they will be of service as facilitators of healing and personal transformation.


sagittarius.png Sun in Sagittarius are the philosophers of the zodiac. They are optimistic and easily soothe others’ fears.

They will treat the crisis as an opportunity to bring out the best in society and will help uplift those who are suffering and confused. They are advocates and humanitarians and will align with their spiritual values in order to be beacons of hope for others during times of crisis.

They are also drawn to law and medicine and may advocate for protections of the vulnerable and make their skills as healers and medical professionals available for the public good.

It would be in Sagittarius’s nature to promote progressive measures such as volunteering their service or launching community drives or free clinics in order to make protection, advocacy and healing available to the masses. Sagittarius steps up to the plate in a crisis to look at how they can broaden the conversation about all of the loosely related variables that led to the current problem.

They will educate others about the many factors contributing to the crisis and try to address all of these injustices in an effort to be of service to humanity during times of change.


capricorn.png Sun in Capricorn is traditional and focused on building framework. They may literally volunteer to build something new such as housing or hospitals.

They are also the businesspeople of the zodiac and may step forward during a crisis in order to provide funding or use their business resources to support their communities. Though they are conservative and not easily moved by emotion, they are also concerned with stability and will be of service to the larger community to prevent disruption as much as possible.

The last thing they want is for a crisis to erupt into chaos. They will try to maintain the status quo and may try to keep routines in the household, family or community as close to normal as possible so that others feel secure. They know that time is money and will be of service by dedicating their time and talents to building a solid foundation for others.

They can also have influence in the business community and may create fundraisers and other campaigns to rally people together, though they prefer to be out of the spotlight and may act behind the scenes.


aquarius.png Sun in Aquarius is the innovator and scientist of the zodiac. They may have seen the crisis coming on the horizon.

They will look for ways to be of service by challenging the status quo. This may make others uncomfortable, as people want consistency during a crisis, not more change. But Aquarius knows better.

They know that crisis brings inevitable transformation and can be a blessing. They may do their best to help others understand this, though their views may be rejected at first as being too extreme. Aquarius is also likely to be of service through innovative technologies, such as those who are using 3D printers to create medical supplies.

Aquarius will also look to inspire their friends and attend to the needs of their large social network though they may do so in a distant, abstract, theoretical rather than emotional way.


pisces.png Sun in Pisces is the mystic of the zodiac. They may be shaken deeply by crisis and because they are also escape artists they may try to hide in their own illusions at first.

When they feel the coast is clear, however, they will want to be of service by sharing their compassion and empathy. They may be of help as spiritual leaders and healers within the community.

Their talents for art and music can also help influence and heal others during times of crisis and they can use their musical talents to unite people by creating songs that inspire positive solidarity.

Pisces also have tremendous healing energy to share through their compassion and spiritual perspective. They can be of service by helping others to find clarity and spiritual connection and purpose in light of crisis situations.

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